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Women with shopping bags leaving a retail store

Upgrading retail with modern CRM and CX solutions

By unlocking insights from sourcing to selling enterprise-wide, you can power retail growth, revenue, and customer satisfaction.

Powering sales wherever they take place with a retail commerce platform

Deliver profitable, real-time shopping experiences and payment options that customers love – mobile, online, in the store, and everywhere in between.



relevant experiences

75% of retailers say it’s important to deliver fun, relevant, and convenient customer experiences, but only 10% are able to do so.



customer centricity

85% of retailers say it’s important to make strategic use of data, such as integrated, predictive, what-if, and scenario planning.



redefined stores

74% of retailers say it’s important to equip store associates with real-time product inventory insights to better serve customers.

Source: SAP Intelligent Enterprise White Paper - The Intelligent Enterprise for the Retail Industry

Seize the future of retail today

Retailers must integrate real-time online and offline insights to create omnichannel experiences – from brick-and-mortar to e-commerce stores.

Enabling CX agility in retail

Discover how customer experience (CX) agility can enable you to boost brand awareness and engagement, capitalize on emerging market trends, and foster customer loyalty.

Helping brands build lasting customer loyalty

Make the most of data-driven insights to create retail processes that drive revenue, excite customers, and build loyalty.

Modernizing customer retention strategies

Explore proven strategies from industry leaders that can help you engage and retain customers with profitable and engaging experiences.

Real-time data insights drive customized experiences

Harness the power of customer data across commerce channels to deliver experiences that will build loyalty and profitability.

Deliver any product from any store, anywhere

Virgin Megastore provides a leading one-stop shopping experience for a growing number of customers. With the SAP Commerce Cloud solution, the company’s customers gain full visibility into inventory on an innovative customer experience.

Find more retail solutions

Learn more about industry trends, challenges, and opportunities, and explore our full range of SAP solutions to meet all your business needs.

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