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Create seamless customer experiences and onboarding

Boost conversions and engagement by fostering long-term brand loyalty in a secure, privacy-friendly digital ecosystem.
  • Identify and engage customers with user-friendly registration and login experiences
  • Capture valuable permission-based, first-party customer data with integrated customer database software
  • Smooth omnichannel journeys with single sign-on and data federation standards
  • Protect customers against fraud and identity theft with specialized security features

Offer the data privacy and trust customers demand

Build trusted relationships by enabling transparency and allowing customers to control their data.
  • Earn customer trust by capturing consent and preferences across each touchpoint
  • Protect your business by managing consent and preference data for up to seven years in an audit-ready vault
  • Give customers control of their data through comprehensive self-service customer data management software
  • Streamline data governance and orchestration, and consistently enforce consent and preferences enterprise-wide

Eliminate data silos for better contextual marketing

Create rich customer profiles from permission-based customer data for a more robust digital experience.
  • Break down data silos by transforming structured and unstructured data from many sources into rich, unified customer profiles
  • Power great digital experiences through prebuilt integrations into today’s most innovative customer engagement technologies
  • Streamline your business by managing customer accounts and data from a single, secure location
  • Gain deeper insight into your audience and drive more accurate segmentation with integration into leading analytics providers

Offer customers transparency and control, while addressing GDPR compliance

Enable privacy and control across every brand and property to build customer trust and address compliance with GDPR.
  • Maintain proof of how, when, where, and why you collect and process customer data
  • Implement a holistic solution for managing customer profiles, preferences, and consent
  • Address many of the toughest requirements of the GDPR
  • Provide transparency into how you collect and use customers' personal data

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SAP Customer Experience Services

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Included Products

Learn about the products included in the SAP Customer Data Cloud portfolio.

Securely identify consumers across devices and channels to drive registrations and engagement, manage permissions and consent across the lifecycle, and transform data into unified customer profiles with three, tightly integrated products:

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