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Everywhere Commerce

Acquire core digital commerce capabilities to engage and transact with your customers across all channels.


Decoupled JavaScript storefront

Create engaging progressive Web app (PWA) storefronts to deliver the best possible experience on every device or location.

Powerful search capabilities

Help your customers find what they're looking for and promote the right products with powerful search capabilities.

Flexible built-in promotion

Drive your sales and conversions with flexible built-in promotion capabilities.

Plug-and-play integration

Use plug-and-play integration to deliver a scalable shopping cart and checkout experience with payment services and tax management.

Context-Driven Services

Serve each customer individually with one-to-one personalization built on machine learning and real-time customer insights.


One-to-one customer engagement

Harness real-time insights to understand each customer’s wants, needs, and preferences throughout the online buying journey.

Personalized experiences that drive the next click

Build compelling, relevant storefront experiences with real-time personalized content, search, and intelligent merchandising.

Conversion of browsers into buyers

Use machine learning to automatically maximize conversions with behavior-based recommendations and personalized promotions.

Return on your personalization investment

Hit and exceed business targets with A/B testing and real-time algorithms optimized to meet business goals.

Product Content Management

Present the right products to the right customers at the right time with engaging details that drive conversion.


Digital commerce platform

Consolidate and publish all your product data and product catalogs for consumption by the digital commerce platform.

High-quality content

Enhance product content quality with built-in validation and workflow review and approval, bulk-edit, and mass-upload capabilities.

User-friendly management interfaces

Make quick edits with an intuitive and easy-to-use management console.

Multilingual catalogs

Support multilingual catalogs for a global commerce site.

Experience Management

Design and manage a highly personalized commerce experience that drives conversion.


Intuitive Web site editing

Simplify storefront management with an intuitive WYSIWYG Web site editing tool.

Support for multiple storefronts

Manage multiple storefronts for brand and experience consistency with inherited components and built-in support for multiple touchpoints.

Seamless promotions

Design and deploy promotional campaigns seamlessly.

Context-driven services

Access the natively integrated, context-driven services add-on module for ease of use.

Order Management

Deliver a true omnichannel buying experience by enabling customers to fulfill orders and make returns anywhere, anytime.


Endless-aisle fulfillment

Enable endless-aisle fulfillment with buy anywhere, pick-up anywhere capabilities.

Self-service returns

Simplify the return process with omnichannel and self-service capabilities.

Complete transparency

Provide inventory visibility within your storefront for complete stock transparency for your customers.

Effective sourcing and allocation

Define sourcing and allocation rules for warehouses and physical shop networks to boost efficiency and reduce delivery time.

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