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Technical Requirements

View technical information to understand how to implement, manage, and configure SAP Business ByDesign.

System requirements

Explore the list of supported devices, hardware, operating systems, apps, and browsers for specific customer scenarios.


Explore our holistic approach to protecting your data privacy, transparency, and audit controls across the cloud architecture.

Data storage

Protect your data across the stack with strong AES-256 encryption, global auditing, improved multitenancy, and SOC 2 compliance.

Application and database

See the multitenant product architecture, including application security, single sign-on authentication, and activity monitoring.

Datacenter facilities

Explore our geographically dispersed data centers – from bulletproof walls and biometrics to ANSI/TIAEIA-942 Tier III+ facilities.


Rest assured that your network is safe from internal and external threats with firewalls, scans, and 24x7 security monitoring.

Data encryption

Gain the control you need to encrypt sensitive data before it leaves your firewall and decrypt it when it returns – in real time.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Comply with GDPR by simplifying the updating, deletion, and reporting of personal data while ensuring secure, authorized access.

Deployment Options

Public cloud

Tap into the efficiency and speed of the cloud by running your service on our world-class shared cloud infrastructure. 

Private cloud

Get the same advantages offered by public cloud, but in a dedicated, privately managed environment; best suited for organizations with highly-customized requirements.

Product Architecture

Deploy SAP Business ByDesign as a platform

The architectural design of SAP Business ByDesign naturally lends itself to being deployed as a platform. Other on-demand solutions, as well as future on-premise solutions, can be built on top of SAP Business ByDesign. The solution was developed with flexibility,  adaptability, and extensibility in mind, making it a solid cloud offering. 


SAP Business ByDesign integration scenarios

Review scenarios for integrating SAP Business ByDesign with third-party on-premise and cloud solutions.

Solution implementation and adaptation

Learn how SAP Business ByDesign allows companies to adapt the solution easily and quickly to meet new requirements.


Enjoy worry-free operations with support from SAP. Build new business capabilities that matter the most to you – and build them quickly.

Easy-to-use software developer kit

Partners and customers can efficiently create custom applications, vertical solutions, and extensions by using the SAP Business ByDesign studio.

Prepackaged applications

SAP and our partners offer purpose-built applications to help you quickly incorporate innovation into your landscape by extending solution functionality.  

Localization toolkit

Extend or adapt SAP Business ByDesign to support a customer-specific process or meet a localization requirement with capabilities built in to the solution.

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