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SAP Application Interface Framework

Application Interface Management Features

Monitor, analyze, and manage your existing application interfaces and easily build and deploy new ones.

Product Capabilities

Create and deploy compliant interfaces quickly and cost-effectively, while empowering users to monitor and troubleshoot issues without help from IT.
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Guided deployment of interface logic

Enable technical users to quickly add logic to interfaces with a guided, template-based approach that offers predefined customizations, while keeping logic for technical and application integration separate.

Component reuse across multiple interfaces

Implement interface logic in small, configurable components to enable reuse across multiple interfaces and technologies.

Multiple integration technologies

Establish an open architecture that supports a broad range of integration technologies, enabling the reuse of logic and customization across interfaces.

Improved governance across your system landscape

Assign role-based authorizations to hide sensitive fields or structures from monitoring and error handling. You can restrict authorizations at an interface level or based on interface data. You can also restrict changes to interface data and record any changes in a central audit log.

Simplified monitoring and error-handling

Monitor interfaces across technologies such as IDoc, Web services, qRFC, tRFC, files, and batch input. You can alert users about errors, coordinate mass error handling, and empower business users to monitor and resolve business-related, non-technical interface errors without IT-involvement.

Application Integration

Pervasive integration for a digital landscape

Application integration and infrastructure solutions from SAP enable integration across systems, applications, and processes. They can help you reduce IT complexity, streamline operations, and support data-driven business processes.

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SAP Process Orchestration

Model, implement, integrate, and monitor custom process applications and integration scenarios, quickly and flexibly.

SAP Cloud Platform Integration

Enable effective cloud-to-cloud and hybrid application integration with our platform as a service (PaaS) offering.

Product Road Map

SAP Software Accessibility

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