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Getting Started with the SAP Web IDE Full-Stack Version (Trial)

By Daniel Wroblewski

This tutorial shows you how to set up your SAP Cloud Platform trial account so you can start developing applications with the SAP Web IDE Full-Stack version.


You will learn

  • How to enable and start using the SAP Web IDE Full-Stack version

Step 1: Log onto SAP Cloud Platform

Log onto your SAP Cloud Platform account.

Open cockpit

Make sure you are in the Neo environment, not the Cloud Foundry environment. Neo is the classic, proprietary SAP Cloud Platform, and you can return to it by going Home | Go to Neo Trial.

Step 2: Enable SAP Web IDE Full-Stack version service

Click Services.


In the search box, search for Web, and then click the SAP Web IDE Full-Stack Version tile.

Find full-stack version

Click Enable. This may take a few minutes.

Enable full-stack version

Wait for the status to change to the green, Enabled status.

Full-Stack version enabled
Step 3: Open the SAP Web IDE Full-Stack version

In the SAP Web IDE Full-Stack Version service screen, click the Go to Service link to open SAP Web IDE. Save it in your favorites.

Open SAP Web IDE
Step 4: Set up Cloud Foundry environment - OPTIONAL

If your scenario includes deploying apps to the Cloud Foundry environment, then you need to also set up this environment. These will generally be for full-stack applications that include database and Java modules.

Create a Cloud Foundry subaccount, organization, and space. See Try It Out: 3 Easy Steps to Get You Started With the Cloud Foundry Environment.

Next Steps

Updated 07/30/2018

Time to Complete

5 Min



You have access to an SAP Cloud Platform trial account. If you don’t have an account, you can open one. See the tutorial or documentation.

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