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Deploy your app to Fiori Launchpad

By Meredith Hassett

Learn how to deploy your application


You will learn

Deploy your application to the SAP Cloud Platform so it can be available to be added to the Fiori Launchpad. SAP BUILD applications are designed for the Fiori Launchpad.

Step 1: Deploy app on SAP Cloud Platform

Deploying your app is simple.

Right-click on your te2017frontend project folder, and select Deploy > Deploy to SAP Cloud Platform.

deploy to SAP Cloud Platform menu
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Step 2: Deployment dialog box

In the Deploy Application to SAP Cloud Platform dialog box, confirm that Deploy a new application, and the Activate checkbox are both selected. Click Deploy.

deploy app options
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Step 3: Open the active version of your app

In the Successfully Deployed confirmation dialog, click the Register to SAP Fiori launchpad to register your app. Applications imported from BUILD are generally Fiori apps, meaning they don’t use an index.html so they can’t be run as a standalone web app.

successful deployment

Answer the true or false question below.

index.html files are only needed for standalone web applications. Fiori does not load the index.html file.
Step 4: Setup the launchpad app

A new wizard will pop-up to create the Fiori Launchpad app.

On the first screen, General Information, leave the settings as is and click Next.

general information for Fiori app
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Step 5: Configure the launchpad tile

Provide a title and description for the tile. If you want, change the Icon associated with the tile. There is a live preview of the tile.

Field Name Value
Title TechEd 2017
Subtitle Front end app from TechEd 2017
Icon e-learning

Click Next.

tile configurations
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Step 6: Assign the tile

Select the te2017frontend you created earlier in this tutorial series as the Site. Leave the preset Catalog and Group as is.

Click Next.

assign the tile and app to a Fiori site
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Step 7: Complete setup

Click Finish to register your app to Fiori launchpad.

confirm app registration
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Step 8: View your launchpad app

If you successfully set up your app, Fiori Launchpad, and tile, you will see a Successfully Registered dialog box.

registered app

Click Open the registered app to see your live BUILD app and personal Fiori Launchpad!

Fiori launchpad
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Step 9: Copy the Fiori Launchpad URL

In your running Fiori Launchpad, copy the Launchpad URL and paste it into the field below and click Validate.


Updated 11/14/2017

Time to Complete

15 Min

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