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SAP Business One Extensibility


SAP Business One Extensibility

In this community we want to share important information and tips helping you better take advantage of SAP Business One Extensibility APIs and tools as well as to have a communication channel for open discussions. Join the community!

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The integration framework for SAP Business One is the tool to build new integration scenarios and to integrate out-of-the-box with other SAP software, mobile devices, Web shops, collaboration tools, and software systems of external business partners.

Integration Framework for SAP Business One

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This is a compilation of all the articles, samples and other relevant resources regarding Loosely Coupled solutions focused on small and medium businesses.

Loosely Coupled Solutions for SMBs

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We are happy to announce the SAP Business One Extensibility Program in the SAP Learning Hub!
In short, this is an online training to cover all topics of the SAP HANA development which are relevant to the SAP Business One’s world.

SAP Business One on HANA Development E-learning

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Get a summary of the available documents, blogs and samples to assist you developing your solutions on top of SAP Business One version of SAP HANA interfaces.

SAP Business One, version for SAP HANA Extensibility topics

Latest Questions and Answers
How can activate Enable Multiple Branches with DI API?

From SAP B1 client (v.9.03 PL09), for activate Enable Multiple Branches, the Manage Stock by Wharehouse must first be activated from Document Settings form Enable Multiple Branches from interface, I c...

B1 Web Service - How to get batch numbers available for items

Good Day SAP Community, I am web developer integrating with my company's Business One installation via the B1 Web Service When using Add on the InvoicesService it is neccesary to supply batch informat...

Internal Queue in B1IF 2.0

Dear All, sn-1.jpgsn-2.jpg We designed a step for posting an Invoice through internal queue based on the example provided below as screenshot. But the 'handoverq' step seems, never calling the next st...

June 6th, 2019
SBO: How to add a calculation view for use with SAP Service Layer?

Hi, I am trying to create calculation view for exposing it via the semantic layer to SAP Service Layer: Here is what I did: In HANA Studio: That resulted in the following: Then I edited the script vie...

SBO Service Layer: How to filter IncomingPayments by PaymentInvoices and PaymentCreditCards

Hi, Using Service Layer I want to filter IncomingPayments by IncomingPayments/PaymentInvoices/DocEntry and IncomingPayments/PaymentCreditCards/OwnerIdNum and IncomingPayments/CardCode. Normally I woul...

How to return the response as JSON format in B1IF 2.0 version

Hi, I want to return the response as JSON format in B1IF 2.0, I have tried with below mentioned code in B1IF 1.x version and it's working in 1.x version, response returned as JSON format. But, same co...

Latest Blogs
SAP Leonardo IoT – Digital Twin

When setting up an IoT scenario, one major step is the so-called onboarding. This term refers to the process of establishing a relationship between a physical entity and its virtual counterpart known ...

How to performance profile an Add-on written in .NET and get better UI-API Performance

Have you ever had an add-on that was slow, and you did not really know why? If so, you should try a performance profiler! What is a performance profiler? A performance profiler is a tool that on the f...

SAP Leonardo IoT – How to define your Device Model and start persisting measures

In a previous blog SAP Leonardo IoT for SMBs I gave a short overview and description of the SAP Leonardo services. In this blog I’ll like to go more in detail and explain how an IoT device can be mode...

SAP Leonardo IoT for SMBs

In our Digital Transformation for SMBs blog series we have covered several technologies that allow SMB companies to imagine new business scenarios. I will like to start a new series of blogs talking a...

How to make a DI-API Connection - "The right way"...

One of the first thing you learn when you learn the SAP Business One SDK is how to make a DI-API. But if you learned this many years ago and never look at the recent samples in the SDK Help I will cla...

April 29th, 2019
Turn a 32-bit Add-on into a 64-bit add-on without having access to the source-code

Disclaimer: The tip below will not work for all Add-ons. It requires that the add-on is written in .NET and even then this might not work. This post is targeted as a tip for the unfortunate situation ...

April 26th, 2019

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