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Guide to Linking Profiles


Guide to Linking Profiles

Many users, especially long-standing members of the SAP Community, have had multiple accounts and SAP IDs (voluntarily or otherwise) on the site. They have contributed valuable content to the community and earned high reputation scores with these accounts, which are not reflected in their current, active profile on (sometimes called Universal Profile or “People profile”).

Recognizing that members may want to connect their older accounts to their current accounts, we offer an option for profile linking that allows users to show their past accomplishments and contributions.

What is profile linking, and will it combine my accounts?

Profile linking allows users to link other accounts they own or have owned to their current, active profile, which in turn allows snapshots of the profiles from their other accounts to be shown in their current, active profile. 

Profile linking does not combine the accounts in any way or consolidate the content list or the reputation. The content lists and reputation of each account remain separate, although they are displayed together. 

Profile linking also does not make it possible for users to log into their other, inactive accounts to create more content or acquire additional reputation in those accounts.

What kind of account profiles can be linked?

It’s possible to link profiles for all types of SAP accounts (P users, S users, C users, I users, and D users). You can even link profiles from inactive accounts to your current account if you know the password.

Does profile linking change the status of the linked accounts in any way?

No, accounts are not changed when you link their profiles.

If you were able to log on using your current, active account prior to linking, nothing changes; you can log on with it afterwards too. 

If you were not able to log on using an inactive account before you linked it to your active account, this also doesn’t change: you will not be able to log on with it after linking, either. 

How do I link my profiles together?

To prepare to link a second profile to your current, active profile, first make sure you have the login information for the second profile, specifically:

  • User ID of the second profile, meaning the S-, P-, I-, D-, or C-user for that account 
    If you are able to log in to that account, you can find the user ID on the Account Settings page, as shown here:

Alternatively, you can visit to see all of the user IDs associated with your email address.
If the account you want to link is inactive and you can no longer log in to it, send an email to to request guidance on retrieving the user ID.
  • Password for that second account
    If you forgot the password for the second account, if that account is still active, you can reset the password via this link or by clicking "Forgot Password?" on any log on screen. If the account is no longer active, you can fill out this contact form or send an email to to request guidance.

Once you have the user ID and the password for the second account, follow these steps to link it to your current account:

1. Log into the SAP Community using your current, active account.

2. In the dropdown menu in the header, select “Edit My Profile”

3. On the Edit Profile screen, at the top under the header, select “Link Profiles…” 

4. Enter the user ID of the second account, along with the password, in the fields provided. 

5. Press the Link Profile button. The two profiles are now linked together. 

Note that you can also link profiles from your account settings page (to reach the account settings page, select “Account Settings” in the dropdown menu in the header).

Is profile linking reversible?

Yes. To unlink a profile that was previously linked, simply click on the “x” in the top right corner of the profile snapshot for that account in your current, active profile.

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