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Watch SAPPHIRE NOW Reimagined sessions to see how becoming an intelligent enterprise can help you build resilience and succeed in times of crisis and recovery.

SAP Executive Board Questions and Answers

Watch the replay as SAP Executive Board candidly answer your questions.

Welcome to the Supply Chain and Manufacturing Channel

Build resilience in the face of disruption with intelligent asset management for mid-size companies

Today’s disruptive business changes are causing midsize companies to reconsider all aspects of their business. According to IDC, asset management processes that are predictive and intelligent can help safeguard the future of midsize businesses. Is your company resilient enough to manage disruptions?

How to drive agility and productivity in Manufacturing with Industry 4.0 in order to create resilient supply chains

In February 2020 a global research study has been conducted to examine the extent to which manufacturers are leveraging Industry 4.0, whether that is embedding intelligence or smart devices in products, connecting devices to supply chain and wider enterprise or enhancing manufacturing processes with digital connections. More than 670 companies answered what expectations they have for I4.0, what is already implemented and how it impacts their strategies and competitive positioning. They also provided feedback how this digital transformation results in greater productivity and other benefits.

Thomas Saueressig on Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 plays a significant role in the future of industrial productivity. To make this vision a reality, it must be an integral part of corporate strategies since it touches many different functions of an enterprise. More precisely, Industry 4.0 can help companies connect the digital divide between organizations by not only connecting processes across functions within an enterprise, but also across the companies via business networks.

SAP Digital Supply Chain Focus Weeks. Uncertainty calls for supply chain visibility, agility and increased responsiveness!

End-to-end supply chain visibility, working with business assumptions in demand and supply planning, inventory insights and responsive manufacturing as well as logistics procedures are key to master today’s challenges. Learn how SAP Digital Supply Chain can support you in driving purpose-driven change and building resilient supply chains.
September 8 - October 20, 2020

Create a Resilient Supply Chain to Succeed in Times of Uncertainty

The supply chain has never been more top of mind for businesses, as disruption exposed its strengths and weaknesses. Networks and Industry 4.0 can help you address supply chain resilience and recovery and reimagine processes to help your business thrive.

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