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Customer Snapshot: Overview

Co-created South America's 1st Solar soccer stadium

Coelba (part of the Neoenergia Group) distributes electricity to the Brazilian state of Bahia, serving millions of people. The company is also concerned with social and sustainability issues, but lack of quality data was hindering their efforts. SAP offered a way to improve both data and analysis to support Coelba’s sustainability goals.

Coelba (Grupo Neoenergia)

US$5 billion

Number of Employees

Line of Business
Platform and Technology

SAP Solutions

Bahia, Brazil

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Customer Snapshot: History

With Power, Comes Responsibility

Electricity in Bahia was provided by municipal governments until 1960, when Coelba was established with the mission to provide energy for growth, and today the company pursues a path of social responsibility as well.

The Challenge

Needed: Better Data, More Flexibility

For Coelba, manual data consolidation made analysis a cumbersome, error-prone process, and poor data led to poor analytics. The need to eliminate multiple data versions while gaining more analytic flexibility led to tension between the IT and business segments of the company. Coelba needed a win-win solution.

Enter SAP

Getting the Bigger Picture

While one potential vendor offered a divisive approach, proposing a solution for business independent of IT, SAP presented a holistic approach, offering a centralized yet flexible database architecture solution that satisfied both the IT and business units.

Enter SAP: The SAP Experience

A More Powerful Solution

By harnessing the power of in-memory database technology, Coelba will be able to improve data quality, consistency, integrity, and security and eliminate cumbersome data consolidation processes. Plus, SAP HANA provides the high-speed analysis capabilities Coelba needs for informed, real-time decision making.

Better Business: Run Simple

Clean and Efficient

Coelba can now succeed with their strategic plan to operate efficiently and effectively – all while heeding the demands of a world in which people seek energy sources that are compatible with a clean, safe, and healthy environment.

Journey Ahead

More to Come

Coelba sees a bright future ahead. They’re on target to follow the SAP roadmap, with plans to integrate previously purchased SAP ERP and SAP CCS applications with SAP HANA. They also plan on adding SAP HANA blocks as well as the Predictive Analysis application.

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