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Reducing Driver Turnover and Building a Safer Workforce with SAP Predictive Analytics

Using SAP Predictive Analytics software with the SAP HANA platform, Covenant Transport Group (CTG) reduced driver turnover by 15% in the first year and recouped its investment in less than six months. With lower driver turnover, CTG can continually develop talent, improve safety, and provide customers with more comprehehsive services at less cost.

Covenant Transportation Group Inc.
Chattanooga, Tennessee
Travel and transportation
Products and Services
Trucking and hazmat transport, equipment brokerage, and lending services
US $723 million


  • Reduce driver attrition despite the industry's over 100% annual turnover rate
  • Improve the safety of trucking operations
  • Ensure that loans meet underwriting criteria and are administered properly
  • Predict the required maintenance on physical assets

Why SAP?

  • Speed and ease of use of the SAP HANA platform
  • SAP Predictive Analytics software to run data models in seconds rather than hours and to identify key attrition factors without needing data scientists
  • SAP Lumira software to visualize data, create compelling storyboards, and enable executives to consume data easily




Reduction in driver turnover in the first year

<6 months

ROI payoff


Talent development and driver safety

Future Plans

  • Provide a predictive service to other trucking companies
  • Expand problem solving from driver retention to other areas of the business, such as safety, loans, and asset maintenance
With the predictive modeling and data visualization of our SAP solution, we're reducing employee attrition in an industry with an annual turnover rate of over 100%. Now we can better understand our workforce, identify the factors behind turnover, anticipate drivers at risk of leaving, and keep the right people. Chris Orban, VP Advanced Analytics, Covenant Transportation Group Inc.

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