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Customer Snapshot: Overview

Word-of-mouth recommendations influence up to 50% of purchase decisions

Wildfire is a social media startup that helps brands harness the power of word-of-mouth advertising by monitoring and distributing consumers’ online posts across hundreds of social media websites. The SAP HANA platform helps Wildfire collect and analyze the tremendous volumes of social media data. The data can then be used for gaining customer insight, improving responsiveness, and recruiting, educating, and activating peer influencers.


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Line of Business
Marketing, Service

SAP Solutions
SAP Affinity Insight, SAP Cash Forecasting, SAP HANA


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Customer Snapshot: History

Spreading Like…Wildfire!

Wildfire was founded in 2008 to help brands in China and the Asia Pacific region educate and activate their biggest fans. The company’s growing toolset includes monitoring, content publishing, response (using patented "social pairing" technology), and custom brand advocate communities. Wildfire is backed by American venture capital fund Ideas Ventures, the Singaporean Government, and a consortium of independent investors in China and Asia Pacific region.

The Challenge

Everything Is Moving Faster

The immediacy of social media demands that Wildfire react quickly to comments about their client brands that appear in social media channels. The company wanted to reduce the time-to-analysis for data captured from social media, which was averaging about five minutes.

Wildfire needed the ability to analyze and index more than 10 million social media datasets—the so-called social media fire hose—and intelligently route posts with relevant keywords to the correct resources in real-time.

Wildfire also needed to reduce times for automated topic and sentiment analysis (also averaging five minutes), and their tag probability and classification algorithm, which often required more than one hour for 3,000 posts.

Enter SAP

SAP Brings The Right Tools for the Big Job

Wildfire and SAP collaborated on a proof-of-concept (POC) implementation of the SAP HANA platform. The revolutionary in-memory technology of SAP HANA seemed particularly well-suited to Wildfire’s need for real-time processing. Furthermore, SAP Affinity Insight supplies predictive analysis capabilities, which will give Wildfire the ability to proactively engage in social media on their clients’ behalf, depending on the trends revealed by data.

Enter SAP: The SAP Experience

Instant Data In, Instant Data Out

The technical implementation included SAP HANA integration with Wildfire’s legacy infrastructure to ensure successful data loading and extraction, establish new processing queries, and included the addition of SAP Affinity Insight. Insight is the system through which information is distributed to and collected from Wildfire’s database of customer influencers. Wildfire’s SAP solution collects data collected from social websites, then analyzes and distributes data to customer influencers. When the influencers respond, the SAP solution distributes new content to appropriate destinations.

Better Business

Wildfire has achieved real-time social media success using the SAP HANA platform.

Better Business: Benefits

13,655x Faster Algorithms

Distribution of posts with specified keywords dropped 7 seconds to 17 milliseconds

Tag probability analysis times fell from 1 hour to 293 milliseconds

Wildfire's machine learning algorithm now takes 1 minute, instead of 11 days

Better Business: Run Simple

Aggressive Growth in the Far East

Social customer relationship management (CRM), as an industry, is growing rapidly. Wildfire’s SAP HANA implementation has given it the ability to expand their leadership position in China and the Asia Pacific region. With SAP HANA as an advantage, Wildfire is in a better position to effectively monitor content from the region’s fragmented content providers.

Journey Ahead

SAP Powers the Future of Social Media

Wildfire will also continue to work with SAP to refine technologies and processes, such as regularly adapting to the changing application program interfaces (APIs) from thousands of social media channels, and normalizing the tremendous volumes of heterogeneous raw data.
Additional improvements will include Chinese text tokenization and specialized semantic analysis, and maintaining linkages among authors across multiple types of online social media, and offline consumer CRM data.

Wildfire is scheduled to launch a large-scale social influence software-as-a-service (SAAS) platform, backed by SAP HANA. The company estimates the new revenue channel will be able to generate at least $12 million in additional revenues by 2015.

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