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Customer Snapshot: Overview

250 million patients living with chronic diseases in the European Union


On a larger scale, real-time patient data collected from millions of individuals nationwide helps determine data-driven healthcare solutions for the entire Hungarian healthcare system. 25 years ago, Medistance approached SAP to help make home healthcare monitoring possible. Recently, Medistance worked with parent company and SAP OEM partner HUNGIMPEX to implement SAP Business One powered by SAP HANA to improve workflow, decrease costs, and optimize patient care.


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Budapest, Hungary

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Remote monitoring improves patient care and increases efficiencies

Customer Snapshot: History

Home Healthcare Helps Heal a Nation’s Population One Patient at a Time

Big data volumes evaluated by SAP HANA speed information delivery across healthcare organizations, care teams, families, and elderly communities, resulting in better decision making and improved treatment. Medistance based a new generation of home healthcare services on the SAP Business One® application powered by SAP HANA®. Secure machine-to-machine data transfers increase patient comfort and security through instant diagnoses and adjustment made by doctors from their offices.


Healthcare management isn't just about business

Customer Snapshot: Business Model


From One To Many: Individual Patient Data Adds Up To Big Numbers

Patients with hypertension, diabetes, critical heart conditions, and other serious ailments can send clinically valid health status data, such as blood pressure, blood glucose readings, and heart rates, from their homes via machine-to-machine communication. Doctors and lab experts get the data where they can make diagnoses best: in their offices and labs. Instant adjustments can be made based on the findings with no lag time and no additional appointment. With pilots from Scandinavia to the Middle East, Medistance is helping optimize and standardize healthcare based on SAP® technology. With the resulting insight, they can forge healthcare policies that improve the well-being of whole populations while containing costs.

Customer Snapshot: Success Strategy

An Ounce of Prevention Worth a Pound of Cure

A community healthcare approach based on regularly monitored patient data can make a crucial difference. That's what Medistance has set out to accomplish. 


The program, which is running several large projects in Hungary and abroad, is an intelligent healthcare solution that connects general practices, specialist practices, hospitals, and insurance providers so everyone, even relatives, get the same view of the patient's data. Healthcare experts and decision makers can also view aggregated patient data in different dimensions such as region, population segment, or healthcare category.

Medistance uses clinically validated medical devices with machine-to-machine (M2M) technology to collect data that is stored, managed, and analyzed with the SAP Business One application powered by SAP HANA in the cloud. People can measure and transmit their data from the comfort of their homes while healthcare providers and family members can share data and interactively make changes that are suggested by preset threshold alarms.

The Challenge

Turning Personal Data into Big Data

Medistance provides remote patient care and management. The company was seeking a way to manage, store, and analyze the data collected in one cloud-based solution accessible to patients, doctors, families, and pharmacists. With all of the data points collected, Medistance also looked to SAP Business One powered by SAP HANA to compile that data to optimize and standardize health care and create policies that can impact large segments of the population.


Day-to-day management inefficiencies and preparation for growth made a new solution a top priority.

Enter SAP

Once Source for Extensive, Secure Data Collection and Management

SAP offered a single, affordable plug in system customized for the unique business of healthcare management. 


The system can dial down to examine individual data as well as make sense of big data and cover all facets of healthcare including service, treatment workflow, administration, and human resource management. SAP Business One powered by SAP HANA resides in the cloud, enabling real-time remote vital data access, evaluation, treatment recommendations, and records management.

Because health data is a highly personal, confidential matter, security is of utmost importance to Medistance in selecting a partner. The SAP solution selected offers high security to keep personal information private.

Enter SAP: The SAP Experience

The Right Solution Makes a Big Difference

Working with parent company HUNGIMPEX, Medistance implemented SAP Business One powered by SAP HANA in Healthcare Management.


The implementation greatly improved patient and care team communications with greater efficiency and scalability as well as lower administrative costs. The state-of-the-art in-memory technology platform was rolled out to patients, doctors, and healthcare professionals. The cloud-based solution keeps costs low and makes updates easy to implement either on-premise or in the cloud.

As for Big Data, the team created an analytics platform to perform real-time evaluations, compile cardiovascular risk reports, treatment workflows, and drug optimization based on clinical protocols to help inform global policy for a healthier population and a brighter future for all.

Better Business

Less Time Managing Healthcare, More Time to Enjoy Good Health

Intelligent healthcare management solutions replace regular in-office physician visits with virtual check-ins. The new solution offers increased healthcare service productivity while also improving treatment costs, workflow, and overall patient care.

Big Data volumes evaluated by SAP HANA speed information delivery across healthcare organizations, care teams, families, and elderly communities, resulting in better decision making and improved treatment. — Rudolf Mezei, CEO, Medistance

Better Business: Benefits


Big Data, Big Benefits

The powerful data management software solution gives policy-makers a big picture overview of the general health of the population to help drive future recommendations and treatment plans.

Better Business: Run Simple

Creating a Win-Win Situation

Most patients with chronic conditions require regular on-site, face-to-face appointments, taking valuable time and resources for patients, doctors, administrators, and technicians. With the remote access to patient information provided by Medistance combined with the new software enhancements from SAP, doctors and lab technicians receive the information efficiently and are able to place recommendations more quickly, saving time and money, and creating a better quality of care for all.


From doctor to pharmacist and from patient to family, monitoring at home saves lives and improves care.

Health & Education
Health and education are essential to well-being and sustainable development. SAP technology is at the epicenter of complex medical issues around prevention, treatments, and cures for cancer, diabetes, and other diseases. We are also deeply committed to empowering the world’s youth, working adults, differently abled people and the unemployed with the right skills they need to thrive in the digital economy.
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