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Customer Snapshot: Overview

>30 Million blood and tissue samples analyzed per year

When two SAP customers – university hospital Charité Berlin and Vivantes GmbH – jointly founded a new subsidiary company called Labor Berlin, they were sure the result would be greater than one plus one. Today, Labor Berlin - Charité Vivantes GmbH is Europe’s largest clinical laboratory running 12 facilities harmoniously with an SAP Run Simple approach.

Labor Berlin – Charité Vivantes GmbH

€40 million

Number of Employees
More than 400

Implementation Partner URL


Berlin, Germany

Customer Website

Implementation Partners
ABAYOO Business Network GmbH

Line of Business

SAP Solutions
SAP Business ByDesign, SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting

Customer Snapshot: History

Century-old Tradition, Instant Success

Founded in 2011, Labor Berlin reported annual revenue of nearly 40 million EUR in their first year, quickly establishing their position as a leading high quality service provider. Over the next 4 years, revenue has grown > 31% to €58 million.

Customer Snapshot: Business Model

Joining Forces to Cut Costs

While some hospitals look to outsourcing laboratory diagnostics to save money, Labor Berlin has taken a different path. The two biggest federal laboratories joined forces in 2011 to continue to provide high-quality service, leverage synergies, and lower costs. They went on to consolidate diverse laboratory systems into one homogeneous IT platform, paving the way for expansion in services, resources and personnel, and eventually taking it all to the cloud to simplify rollouts and seamless implementation.

Customer Snapshot: Success Strategy

One Cloud-Based Solution For All

Cutting costs, streamlining processes and consolidating many locations into a single solution will let Labor Berlin continue to provide high quality laboratory services to its growing community with room for expansion.
As Labor Berlin continues to expand, zero error tolerance remains top of mind for the 400+ employees performing more than 30 million analyses every year. The high-stakes task of medical evaluation leaves no room for error, so an effective, efficient system is of paramount importance.
Labor Berlin today works faster, more innovative and more cost-effectively. – Dr. Florian Kainzinger, Board Chairman, Labor Berlin

The Challenge

Many Locations, Many Needs

Labor Berlin has many work orders in many locations that all need processing in a timely fashion. But with all the new laboratories they were opening, they needed a solution that would enable a smooth start to all administrative activities, optimize materials management, and streamline accounting processes from day one.

Now that Labor Berlin has been established as a high quality cost-saving solution, other hospitals are taking notice and requesting more of the company’s services. With an additional 12 hospitals in the network and more in the pipeline, Labor Berlin needed an innovative, highly flexible, and affordable ERP solution and personnel management system which could be implemented quickly.

They needed a solution that will allow them to Run Simple with the potential for continuous expansion as they grew.

Enter SAP

Rapid Deployment
SAP Business ByDesign was Labor Berlin’s first choice, offering scalable software and extensive functionality that could help grow the company – plus web-based connectivity that could provide easy access to employees at all locations. With SAP, they were up and running in less than 3 months.
With pre-installed packages, the cloud-based system can be updated and implemented automatically. Employees can quickly get access to an integrated ERP solution which can easily be extended to allow for further growth.

Enter SAP: The SAP Experience

Starting from Scratch

When Labor Berlin first implemented SAP they had no legacy systems that needed integrating. They were able to start from scratch with simplified processes and predefined standards. With the help of SAP Partner ABAYOO, the project team implemented materialsmanagement and financials, creating a fully customized IT landscape in less than 3 months. ABAYOO also supported deployment of the cloud-based SuccessFactors recruiting solution, and continues to support Labor Berlin as they grow.

Better Business

Leaner and Greener in the Cloud

Centralized cloud-based information is available 24/7/365 at the click of a mouse, and weighty paper trails are now obsolete. With SuccessFactors recruiting, the hiring process has been streamlined, with the best people for each job seamlessly rising to the top. Open positions close quickly with less HR time and paperwork. And it’s not just the human element of resources that now Run Simple with SAP. Resources are simplified, with supply purchasing pared down to a streamlined, one-person job that runs more efficiently on less manpower.

Better Business: Benefits

Growing Strong

Any company can set their sights on growth, but with SAP SuccessFactors, Labor Berlin can grow seamlessly and efficiently across many verticals at once. From managing human resources to streamlining processes and keeping a close eye on purchasing and supplies, Labor Berlin employees and management now can’t imagine a workday without SAP Business ByDesign and the SuccessFactors HCM suite!

Better Business: Run Simple

Accessibility and Flexibility

Using SAP Business ByDesign, Labor Berlin has greatly improved order processing. With hosting and operations at the SAP data center, Labor Berlin can efficiently operate and manage the laboratory processes at their 12 facilities – while freeing up the IT staff for other value-added tasks.

Journey Ahead

Geared for Growth

In a market environment that is continually expanding, Labor Berlin can stay competitive, as their business grows, confident that SAP can continue to support them every step of the way.

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