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Customer Snapshot: Overview

100% Cloud-Based University

La Trobe University has the largest university campus in all of Australia. A commitment to environmental studies and technology coalesce in the university’s overarching philosophy of being future-ready. The university took a hard look at their overall structure and recognized that a great opportunity lay in a completely cloud-based infrastructure.



La Trobe University

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Finance, Platform and Technology

SAP Solutions

Melbourne, Australia

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Higher Education & Research

They redirected their efforts to streamlining all IT processes from student registration and records to grant-funding applications and financial reporting and even discovered an opportunity to keep the student body more connected in the cloud.

La Trobe University turned to SAP to make them the first organization in the world to go live with SAP S/4HANA and become a 100% cloud-based institution.


Customer Snapshot: History

40+ Years Making Students “Future-Ready”

''Qui cherche trouve'' (Whoever seeks shall find) - La Trobe University Motto


Responding to the changing technological needs of students.

Customer Snapshot: Business Model

A Commitment to Learning

As forces like deregulation, funding uncertainties, and the move from capital to operational expenses continue to reshape the higher education market, universities must increasingly rely on technology to remain competitive. Australia’s La Trobe University is demonstrating a formula for success in this fast-changing environment through use of cloud technology from SAP.

With a 30 hectare wildlife sanctuary on campus, the university’s commitment to nature is everywhere.

In working with SAP S/4HANA Finance, SAP Success Factors Employee Central, and SAP HANA Cloud Integration, it's all about contributing to our future-ready strategy. We are simplifying the way that technology is used, reducing paper-based processes, and creating time for our end users. — Peter Nikoletatos, Executive Director and Chief Information Officer, La Trobe University

Customer Snapshot: Success Strategy

Technology Leads Innovation

We needed to provide a higher-quality experience for our students while increasing staff efficiency and lowering our overall costs. We also needed to satisfy the performance demands of our 35,000 students during peak periods while scaling back costs automatically during quiet periods. There’s a word for that, and it’s cloud. — Peter Nikoletatos, executive director and CIO, La Trobe University

The Challenge

Improving the University’s Infrastructure to Save Time & Money

With disparate systems in place, administrators saw opportunities throughout the university to streamline processes. It seemed that everywhere they looked, the cloud was the solution that could help each area of the university Run Simple.


With cloud-based apps, students could manage all of their information online instead of in person and access class information and each other whether they were on campus, at home or on the train. With the SAP® S/4HANA Finance solution deployed using the SAP HANA® Enterprise Cloud service, administrators would be able to run instant reports and strategize instead of react, leading to improvements and progress.

Taking the next step toward a connected and informed student body.

Enter SAP


The Future of Education Lies in Adopting the Right Technological Solutions

To stay at the forefront of technology and data, the University needed a forward-thinking partner.

By adopting the SAP Cloud portfolio, we disrupted some of our old processes where we’d had some bad habits like customization and workarounds. — Peter Nikoletatos, executive director and CIO for La Trobe

Enter SAP: The SAP Experience

A Virtual Army of Support From Concept to Completion

La Trobe’s old system was based on customization, work-arounds and redundancy. As soon as the team began working with SAP, they adopted SAP best practices, seeing immediate results. They also counted on SAP from initial planning stages through delivery and support via SAP’s Service & Support organization. The university had a dedicated point of contact and a team of SAP experts on hand throughout their journey for all of their implementation and migration needs.

With the right team behind them, the transition was easier, more efficient and more effective than if the university had done it alone.

It took just 1 or 2 people to cleanse 15 years of data


A support team that was there for them in good times and bad.

Better Business

Time Saved Is Time Earned

Where month-end reporting used to take more than a week, the team is now on track to report in just a few days. Even more significant is the ability for all users to access data in real-time through a simple user interface. Time saved in running reports can now be dedicated to La Trobe’s most important resource – the students.


Up to 7x faster business processes

Cloud-based implementation saved time and resources to cut costs and improve efficiency.

Better Business: Benefits

A Truly Future-Proof Solution

La Trobe has achieved their goal of future-proofing their IT solutions through their transition to the cloud. Where they used to weigh their options and budgets when it came time to upgrade their hardware and software IT solutions, in the cloud, the team simply needs to change their subscriptions. No delays, no waste. That counts as a big win for a university committed to preserving the earth’s resources.

One solution with a user-friendly interface can help all areas of the university Run Simple from education to business and beyond.

Better Business: Run Simple

Apps that Make a Difference

With user-friendly interfaces that resemble apps students are already using, adapting to the new solutions has been seamless for students and faculty. Students can register, change classes, and access their entire balance all in one place without waiting in lines or making appointments. Researchers have full, real-time, transparent access to financial data and funds availability to plan and apply for the resources they need to move the needle forward with their work.

Time saved is time earned with SAP Fiori.

Now, staff has more time for students and students have more time to learn.


Information is now at the students’ fingertips.

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