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Customer Snapshot: Overview

There will be 2 billion more people on earth to feed by 2050

Food is the most basic human need, and the human race is growing exponentially at a rate that is already leaving a significant percentage of the world’s population hungry and malnourished. ADAMA Agricultural solutions is tackling the challenge of feeding our current population along with a projected additional 2 billion people in the next 35 years through one concept: simplification.

ADAMA Agricultural Solutions Ltd.

US$3.1 billion

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Airport City, Israel

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SuccessFactors Employee Central

Adama is looking to Run Simple, integrating their acquired resources while at the same time unifying fragmented business units from over 50 brands to one global brand.

Customer Snapshot: History

An Expanding Global Footprint to Cover More Ground

Adama’s core purpose is to create simplicity in agriculture by offering accessible, easy-to-use crop protection solutions, supporting better planning and greater certainty of crops. Fueled by acquisitions, this fast-growing Israel-based company is doubling its workforce to over 9,000 employees to cover more ground, figuratively and literally.

Customer Snapshot: Business Model

Creating Simplicity in Agriculture

ADAMA Agricultural Solutions Ltd. is the leading off-patent crop protection solutions company in the world. The company’s comprehensive range of high-quality, differentiated and effective herbicides, insecticides and fungicides help farmers worldwide to increase yields by preventing or controlling weeds, insects and diseases that harm their crops.

With one of the world’s most extensive and diversified off-patent product portfolios, Adama sells its products in more than 120 countries, with 2014 revenues of over $3.2 billion.

Customer Snapshot: Success Strategy

Creating Simplicity in Agriculture

Adopting a farmer-centric approach in the development of products and services, and offering a wide portfolio of renowned off-patent products and new innovative solutions is at the core of Adama’s strategy.
Adama leverages digital tools and platforms to enhance agricultural practices and connect the global farming community, and is building a platform in China that can serve local and global needs with specific focus on emerging markets as a pillar for growth.

The single brand and vision identity of Adama is driven by the company’s evolution from a collection of many operating companies into a single, integrated, global business.

The Challenge

Feeding an Additional 2 Billion People by 2050

According to the latest United Nations forecast, the world population will grow from 7 billion to 9 billion by 2050. One of the biggest challenges today is feeding an additional 2 billion people while solving the malnutrition and hunger afflicting many parts of the world. Adama is growing to meet those needs, but exponential growth requires efficiency and coordination at a very human, individual level.

Enter SAP

Integrating Cultures and Companies

HR is a crucial tool in unifying the company, and Adama is using the SuccessFactors Employee Central solution to create a global set of HR processes for 45 countries.

Enter SAP: The SAP Experience


From Test Phase to Rollout, a Run Simple Solution

With SuccessFactors, everyone is on the same page, speaking the same language.
With SuccessFactors Employee Central, our local offices have the tools to operate more effectively and support Adama’s growth ambitions. And a cloud solution makes life so much easier. – Avivit Klein, Director HR Systems, ADAMA Agricultural Solutions Ltd.

Better Business

Breaking Down Complex Problems With Simple Solutions

Feeding billions of people is a complex challenge that demands simplification. Backed by a consistent corporate identity enabled by a global HR system, Adama’s employees have the processes they need to make the complex business of farming simpler for farmers.

Better Business: Benefits


Cloud HR Simplifies Farming

SuccessFactors is user-friendly and easy to implement

Better Business: Today

Thinking Globally While Acting Locally Around The World

Globalizing HR has served as a catalyst for business transformation across the entire company. With 95 percent of employee records already in the system, Adama now has accurate, real-time employee information encompassing its entire workforce. This allows HR and every department to gain the benefits of global workforce planning and management with standardized organization, jobs, pay and employee recordkeeping. At the same time, the single global platform provides the flexibility of localization, allowing the company to meet specific business requirements in countries worldwide. 

As the company grows, SuccessFactors Employee Central will also help ensure smooth onboarding of future acquisitions. In addition, Adama has the foundation in place for payroll integration when needed.

Journey Ahead

Farmers Continue to Grow with Adama

Farmers deal with complex issues in their daily work. Adama’s goal is to create simplicity for growers across the full farming value-chain through their portfolio of crop protection solutions. With over 70 years of agronomic expertise in local and global markets, Adama’s unique mixtures, formulations and advanced solutions are specifically designed to help growers meet their daily challenges.

Simply. Grow. Together.
Create simplicity in agriculture
Help farmers grow
Connect people

Years ago, Adama was part of a journey that helped farmers make the desert green in a sustainable way, allowing a nation to flourish. Now they empower their people to help farmers do the same again – on a global scale. Adama employees, farmers and custodians of the land, will work together to find ways that create simplicity and enable growth. Farming is too important for one person or business to lead the agenda alone: we all need to share the responsibility.

Through Cloud HR, Adama can seamlessly connect farmers through global and local markets and continue to help them meet the needs of a growing population around the corner and around the world.

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