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Customer Snapshot: Overview

Banking services provided to >70% of Russia's population

For more than 120 years, the people of Russia have relied on Sberbank for their financial needs. Through the years, Sberbank hasn’t just kept up with technology; they’ve stayed ahead of change to continue to offer the best solutions for their customers. Working alongside SAP, Sberbank has gone live, mobile, modern, and digital to keep ahead of the technology curve and continue to support the company’s 110 million retail customers and 260,000 employees.

Sberbank of Russia

R 348 billion (€8.7 billion) in 2013

Number of Employees


Visionary Themes

Run Simple, Run Live


Moscow, Russian Federation

Customer Website

Line of Business
Human Resources, Service

SAP Solutions
SAP Business Warehouse, SAP Enterprise Portal, SAP ERP, SAP ERP Human Capital Management (SAP ERP HCM), SAP HANA, SAP MaxAttention

Customer Snapshot: History

Russia’s First National Bank

"This is only the beginning," they like to say at Sberbank. However, they still remember the history of the Bank – complex, yet rich, and interesting, like the history of the whole country.

16,342 branches in all 83 constituent entities of the Russian Federation

Customer Snapshot: Business Model

Leading the Banking Industry

Sberbank today is the circulatory system of the Russian economy, accounting for one third of its banking system. The Bank provides employment and a source of income for every 150th Russian family. Sberbank today is 14 territorial banks and over 16 thousand branches throughout the country in all 83 constituent entities of the Russian Federation located across 11 time zones.

 Sberbank offers the widest selection of banking services for retail customers: from traditional deposits and various types of loans to bank cards, money transfers, bank insurance, and brokerage services. All retail loans are underwritten by Sberbank through the Credit Factory system, designed for effective assessment of credit risks and ensuring the high quality of the credit portfolio. In its pursuit of even more convenient, modern, and processable service, Sberbank is continually improving the opportunities of customers to control their accounts remotely.

Sberbank is the largest issuer of debit and credit cards in Russia. Through a joint bank with BNP Paribas, Sberbank operates as a POS-lender under the Cetelem brand using the 'responsible lending' concept. Over 1 million enterprises are customers of Sberbank, and they service all groups of corporate customers, small and medium-sized businesses accounting for 35% of their corporate credit portfolio. The remaining portion is attributed to crediting large and major corporate customers.

Customer Snapshot: Success Strategy

Always Moving Forward

The current Sberbank has almost nothing left to remind us of the savings offices, in the form of which the Bank functioned for such a long period of time. What is really amazing is that Sberbank is barely recognizable from what it was only 10 years ago! Sberbank today is a team of over 260,000 qualified professionals who work to turn the Bank into the best service company with world class products and services.

The ability to change and move forward means that Sberbank is poised and ready to offer their customers the right services and tools to live prosperously in this hi-tech, fast-paced world. Being the oldest and the largest Russian bank does not stop Sberbank from competing openly and in good faith with other banking players, keeping their finger on the pulse of financial and technological changes that affect their customers’ lives.

The Challenge

Paving the Way For Growth and Innovation

With more than 260,000 employees serving 70% of the population of Russia, Sberbank needed to streamline operations and automate processes. Sberbank needed a robust IT platform that could grow with their business as well as a system of remote service channels to support employees and attend to customers’ needs.

Sberbank strives to offer banking solutions that meet customers’ growing needs.

Enter SAP

A System for Today and Tomorrow

The ability to incorporate live technology and create systems that perform operations in the moment was an important factor in choosing SAP, as was the scalability and flexibility of SAP solutions and the support of SAP services.

In search of a long-term partner.

Enter SAP: The SAP Experience

Collaboration Every Step of the Way

With the support of the SAP Max Attention team, Sberbank was able to achieve a seamless rollout of massive scale that automated processes, optimized system performance, and increased productivity. The team was able to roll out SAP ERP to 80,000 professional and 260,000 users across eight time zones for a smooth deployment and fast adoption.

A strong partnership.

Better Business

Better Systems Deliver Better Business

With the new business support functions in place, Sberbank has increased customer satisfaction, reduced costs, and increased overall efficiency. The new system guides users through all processes, improving decision quality with real-time support and more robust analytics.

Better Business: Benefits

Serving Millions of Customers in 11 Time Zones

Sberbank remote service channels:

>13 million

active online banking users

>1 million

active smartphone app users

>17 million

active SMS service Mobile Bank users

>86 thousand

ATM and self-service terminals

Sberbank not only keeps up with modern market trends, but even remains ahead of them, confidently knowing their way around drastically changing technologies and customer preferences.

Better Business: Run Simple

Expected and Unexpected Benefits

Near real-time analysis of the budget and monitoring of costs provides insights that help Sberbank’s leaders make predictions and stay future-ready. As a welcome side effect, simplification of the landscape also enabled the bank to double the number of business units involved in budget planning with a reduction in overall costs.

100% user coverage for SAP ERP HCM

Journey Ahead

System Upgrades for Further Integration

Sberbank is looking forward to upgrading to the latest versions of the SAP ERP and SAP Business Warehouse applications, SAP ERP HCM, and the SAP Enterprise Portal component. In the process, they plan to migrate multiple SAP applications to the SAP HANA® platform to enhance and integrate financial and business planning.

SAP solutions play an integral role in our overall business strategy at Sberbank. Working with SAP MaxAttention led to the overall success of our large-scale ERP program. Our partnership will continue as we move ERP processes onto SAP HANA. — Nikita Rybchenko, Head of Directorate ERP, Sberbank of Russia
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