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Super Awesome People in APJ

Meet the people who help the world run better and improve people's lives

Since our incorporation in 1989 in Asia Pacific and Japan, we have joined hands with almost 3,000 partners to enable more than 42,000 customers of all sizes and in all industries on their digital transformation journey to become intelligent enterprises.

Our Super Awesome People across the region bring their diverse perspectives to work every single day, living and breathing SAP’s vision of helping the world run better and improving people’s lives.

On our 30th anniversary, we reflect on our journey of growing together into the future. With our employees, we would like to share how we grow together in personal and professional development. With our partners and customers, we can transform industries, grow economies, lift up societies and sustain our environment. Thank you for always being there in our pursuit for excellence.

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One of the best decisions I made in my professional life was to join SAP in Asia Pacific Japan. I immediately observed and was immersed in a culture underpinned by an innate respect for each other, for our customers and our partners. When I first moved to Asia, our plan was to stay for two years. In reality, we stayed for seventeen. The Super Awesome People of SAP in APJ made seventeen years seem like two. You made it easy to stay and hard to leave.

Adaire Fox-Martin
Member SAP Executive Board
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Elsa Huynh

"SAP is a company that allows each individual to pave their own career, while also acknowledging the past and the stories that each employee might have to tell."

Sameer Ranjan Kumar  

"SAP has played an integral role in the way I found peace with finding myself and becoming comfortable with who I am."

Eric Yarger

"Since joining SAP, I’ve worked with and befriended people from every race, religion, gender, sexuality and background, and I couldn’t be happier."

Shiny Victoria

"SAP has taught me to walk with my head held high."

Reshma Karnani

"I made the right choice by coming to SAP, a company that is so true to its values – the values of openness, of inclusiveness and of being employee-friendly and, more importantly, family-friendly."

Christian Joseph Licupa

"The channels of communication here are open at all times and to me, that is a sign of a company that truly values its people."

Emil Farkhan

"Not all of us know everything. Making things better, revamping them socially or economically, that is how we are challenged to overcome gaps that exist in our knowledge."

Riki Dey  

"I have been encouraged to embrace my introvert personality, encouraged to leverage my technical acumen and encouraged to grow as a person in SAP."

Chikara Sasamoto  

"What has kept me at SAP is the people here. No one can do a job by themselves, and CSR is a great example of that."

Charlie Lee

"The name of the SAP urban sketching club that I started here in Korea is The Creators. I act as a mentor for our own budding artists."

Angus Keer-Keer  

"Iterating things organically in the organization has been done well historically and I still think SAP will continue to do that. We've shown that we can assimilate companies easily, while continuing to grow things organically."

Priscilla Sriram

"What I found in my first couple of weeks working at SAP, corrected my false impression that no one ever associates SAP with a start-up culture, but it really does have that culture."

Momoko Ishio

"The true value of the SAP Academy was understanding the importance of international networking around the SAP environment, and letting your brain get inspired by new environments."

Neel Plahe

"Being a woman, born in Africa and of Indian decent, I am proud to work for an organization that embraces multiculturalism and diversity."

Esther Piao

"I see SAP as just like a deep, broad ocean that we have to explore. I keep swimming and I keep exploring. You can search for any kind of opportunities by yourself and there are always all kinds of opportunities for people to find."

Michiel Verhoeven

"What I tell a lot of my direct reports whom I hire is, ‘Brace yourself because in the first two years, you’re not going to change the SAP culture. You will have to adjust to the SAP culture. It’s only when you’re in it that you can make change happen.’ When that does take place, it enriches us intellectually."


The day I became a parent, I became a better leader.

Peggy Renders
Head of Presales and Customer Solutions, Asia-Pacific Japan (APJ)

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