SAP Customer Financial Fact Sheet Mobile App

Access your customers' financial data in a flash with our customer profile app

Give your sales force the tools to be even more effective in the field. With our customer profile app, SAP Customer Financial Fact Sheet, sales reps and account executives can check the financial situation of customers – with all relevant financial data, down to the level of an invoice – on their mobile devices.

  • Display lists of all customers, customers classified as critical, and recently accessed customers
  • Drill down to key financial details for a selected customer
  • Call up original customer invoices in PDF format and send them to the customer via e-mail
  • Display contacts in the customer's organization and add them to a list of local contacts
  • This application is powered by SAP Mobile Platform
Screenshot of SAP's customer profile app, SAP Customer Financial Fact Sheet
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Sales rep using the SAP Customer Financial Fact Sheet mobile app

Preview: SAP Customer Financial Fact Sheet

Watch this short video to learn how easy it is to install and use our customer profile mobile app on tablets and smartphones. Help your sales reps and executives increase productivity with anytime, anywhere access to the most up-to-date invoices, contracts, and key financials.

Workers using mobile apps in their offices

Extend Reach & Accelerate Receivables Processes

Discover how SAP Customer Financial Fact Sheet app gives your business managers and sales execs real-time information to negotiate and close more profitable deals. They can collaborate with the back office on collections and dispute resolution with an app tailored to a mobile lifestyle.

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