SAP Precision Marketing

Deliver 1:1 offers in real time for real results – with our mobile precision marketing engine

Today’s consumers are accustomed to a continuous onslaught of marketing. They’re adept at filtering out irrelevant campaigns and prefer brand interactions that reflect their past behavior and current context. SAP Precision Marketing enables marketers to deliver these personalized experiences, building deeper relationships and ongoing loyalty.

  • Combine historical data with real time contextual signals for a dynamic view of each customer
  • Boost conversion rates with one-to-one marketing messages delivered at just the right time
  • Automatically optimize campaigns according to past behavior – to further personalize interactions
  • Benefit from industry-specific use cases designed to promote your brands or those within your network
  • Get started quickly with a cloud-based solution that can scale with future growth

Several mobile devices using SAP Precision Marketing.
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A woman using her mobile device

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STM: Interacting With 1.2M Daily Riders*

Société de Transport de Montreal (STM) is North America’s fourth largest public transit organization. Hear how STM co-innovated with SAP to create a mobile app that uses SAP Precision Marketing to offer personalized rewards and recommendations to customers on the go.

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Today’s connected consumers leave a digital footprint wherever they go. How can you capture and capitalize on the wealth of insights they leave behind? Read this 1:1 Executive Dialogue between industry guru Don Peppers and thought leader Julie Roehm for advice.

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