Discover proven cloud-based procurement solutions

Locate new suppliers, streamline transaction processes, and realize savings with cloud-based procurement software from Ariba. SAP acquired this industry-leader in online sourcing, buying, and selling –- and now, our customers — big and small, can access proven solutions and the Ariba Network to support the entire source-to-pay process. With another recent acquisition, Fieldglass, SAP now offers a cloud-based Vendor Management System (VMS) to better manage non-employee workforces.

  • Identify strategic sourcing opportunities and automate their execution
  • Integrate contract creation and management in a central repository
  • Speed procure-to-pay processes with online shopping and invoicing
  • Automate supplier performance and information management
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Procurement manager reviewing inventory

Collaborative Sourcing: Unlocking Greater Value

You must sustain a larger, more complex supply chain to manage costs and risks today. That takes collaborative sourcing, which blends traditional sourcing with new, powerful strategies, penetrating views of supply markets, and deeper supplier ties. Read this paper for strategies you can apply immediately.

Connect and collaborate with suppliers to take costs, time and risk out of your business commerce processes

Build Your Business Case for P2P Automation

You can cut costs, time and risks by overcoming the barriers between you and your suppliers. Specifically, by automating and connecting your procure-to-pay processes to their order-to-cash processes. Listen as The Hackett Group and Ariba share how to build the business case for this level of collaboration.

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Search for Vendor Management System (VMS)

Learn the important questions to ask during your search for a VMS provider. We arm you with templates to assist the request for proposal, product demonstration and reference check processes. Once you’ve read this series, you’re one step closer to choosing a VMS that best suits your needs.

We can help.

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