Engage your workforce to drive growth – with HCM cloud applications

Empower your people to take charge of their performance and their careers – by relying on cloud applications for human resources. Companies of any size can optimize your HR operations across geographies, organizations, and employee types – and drive workforce strategies with true insight and confidence.

  • Find the right people and optimize their performance
  • Align your people with your strategy, organization-wide
  • Reduce training time with software that is easy to use
  • Pay as you go – with lower, more predictable costs
  • Connect cloud applications with on-premise systems
  • Secure your employee data with robust security tools
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Cloud Applications for HR:

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Core HR in the Cloud: See What It Can Do For You

Do you know your revenue per employee? Is it higher than your competitors’? How much does it vary across geographies and lines of business? Get critical insights like these, instantly – and unify your workforce data so that you can manage your people more effectively, at a lower cost.

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The Future of Work: Transforming Business

Reinvent talent management and explore the new technology that can be used to recruit, hire, and develop your employees. Learn more in the EIU report "How HR leaders are reinventing their roles and transforming business“.

Managers discussinf their people

Retain Your Best People with Onboarding

The research proves it: Onboarding is critical to keeping the top talent you work so hard to recruit. Companies with best-in-class onboarding retain 91% of new hires after their first year, versus 30% for other enterprises. Read Aberdeen’s Market Alert to find out how to get it right.

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Cloud Applications for Human Resources

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