SAP Audit Management powered by SAP HANA

Transform your audit department and move beyond assurance with audit management software from SAP

Streamline and enhance your auditing processes – with SAP Audit Management powered by SAP HANA. This in-memory audit software combines mobile capabilities with a simple, intuitive user interface – so you can spend less time preparing working papers and audit findings, and more time providing insight into key business risks.

  • Reduce internal audit time and cost – so you can better satisfy your stakeholders
  • Integrate with SAP Risk Management and SAP Fraud Management to align with business needs
  • Improve audit scheduling, management, and reporting with flexible and configurable screens
  • Track and manage audit issues with global monitoring and follow up
  • Simplify document capture with drag-and-drop functionality
  • Use search capability to drive more value from working papers
  • Increase uptake of technology by your audit staff – for improved efficiencies
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Engage and Delight Your Audit Team

Streamline audit activities through an intuitive user interface and powerful mobile capabilities your audit team will love. SAP Audit Management automates tasks such as planning, documenting, and reporting on audit engagements – freeing valuable resources.

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Transform Your Internal Audit Department

How are perceptions about the value of internal audits changing? View this insightful infographic to explore the latest research, discover what it takes to become a leading-edge audit organization – and understand why analytics will be a top priority.

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Why Auditors Must Move Up the Value Chain

Internal audit has traditionally served as the eyes and ears of boards and management for risk oversight and compliance. Read Deloitte’s CFO Insights report to learn how emerging tools and techniques provide opportunities for internal auditors to add value.

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