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SAP and DataXstream

SAP and DataXstream join forces to deliver order management extensions that boost the ROI of the ERP infrastructure.

Reimagine order management and customer journeys


By partnering with SAP, DataXstream simplifies and streamlines order management, elevating the entire sales experience. Its solutions reflect real-life customer engagements and provide platforms that make the SAP ERP application the foundation of a unified commerce strategy.

Why DataXstream?

DataXstream is an award-winning partner with deep experience in SAP technology, enabling customers to be successful with their solution investments.


Boost sales and cut costs by integrating order management with SAP S/4HANA Cloud, SAP ERP, and industry cloud solutions from SAP.

Intelligent Automation

Improve order accuracy and accelerate order processing with SAP S/4HANA and the SAP Data Intelligence solution.

Increase sales

Engage a 360-degree view of your customers, including purchase history, volume, discounts, and delivery locations.

Lower costs

Reduce order errors, sales processing complexity, and change management costs while streamlining your migration to SAP S/4HANA.

Simplify integration

Bridge the gap between writing technical interface programs with SAP solutions and using an adapter built into a third-party application.

Achieve flexibility and adaptability

Take advantage of an advanced architecture that quickly adapts to the requirements of third-party software.

Extract order data of any type or layout

Automate manual invoice and sales order processing to ease the burden of inaccuracies, delays, and added costs.

Enrich data sets

Transform order management into touchless transactions while flowing them smoothly across SAP solutions.

See how this partnership helps solve real-world problems

With DataXstream solutions, many SAP customers are empowered to take their customer buying experience to a new level.

Gaining an advantage with a customer experience

Pacific Coast Supply expanded its sales opportunities and improved customer service while solving critical challenges.

Harmonizing processes and enhancing engagement

Ultra Finishing gained new efficiencies, increased sales, and took its customer experience to a new level. 

How DataXstream helps reimagine the customer journey

DataXstream provides platforms that turn SAP ERP into the foundation of a truly unified commerce strategy.

Build smart automation with data intelligence

On this episode of the Let’s Talk Data podcast from SAP, hear how wholesale distributors can overcome the challenges of fulfilling large quotes and orders accurately and efficiently. 

Enable Unified Commerce to achieve sales goals

Listen to a discussion on Unified Commerce as the next evolution of e-Commerce and why wholesale distributors need to migrate to this if they are going to win in today’s competitive, customer-centric marketplace. 

Sarah Ferello
Marketing Specialist, DataXstream
Rethink the role of digital transformation

Optimize commercial systems and fundamentally change business operations with a new perspective on digital transformation.

Subhankar Pattanayak
Director, Thought Leadership and Content Programs, SAP Industries
Streamline transactions while simplifying sales

Learn how to get a 360-degree view of customer information and inventory availability by integrating OMS+ with SAP applications. 

Aimee Ridgeway
Marketing Associate, DataXstream
Improve your employee experience, improve your bottom line

Help your organization to start thinking about flipping the narrative and invest in ways they can help streamline and better equip their best asset – their employees.

Get started

Find out how you can smoothly integrate SAP software by working with an award-winning SAP partner and using powerful ERP solutions.

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