Become an SAP OEM Partner – and create new business value

Embed our world-class solutions and platforms directly into your own applications – for greater market potential – by becoming an SAP OEM Partner. Build more robust, more reliable products for less – and give your customers the best of both worlds: unparalleled SAP functionality backed by your own deep industry knowledge and expertise.

  • Expand your market reach and increase top and bottom line revenue
  • Minimize development time and cost – and accelerate time to market
  • Increase deal size with a larger portfolio of product offerings
  • Give your customers tools to deepen insight and make faster decisions

SAP OEM partner Rolta

Rolta: SAP OEM Partner of the Year

Rolta provides customers around the world with cutting-edge business analytics and Big Data solutions that leverage the power of SAP technology, including SAP HANA. Now their clients have better access to information, are making better business decisions – with a financial impact.

SAP OEM partner IFM

IFM: Making Sense of the World

IFM is an automation technology company that produces sensors for a variety of machinery equipment manufacturers. Hear how this SAP OEM Partner is seamlessly and cost effectively connecting sensor technology with SAP solutions for the Internet of Things.

SAP OEM partner Epsilon

Epsilon: Solutions Powered by SAP HANA

Epsilon is a CRM and loyalty-based company. Find out how their partnership with SAP is helping to set them apart from their competitors. Thanks to SAP HANA Epsilon is now delivering boutique services to their clients to build brand recognition and customer loyalty.

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