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Design, innovate, and market solutions with SAP

The SAP PartnerEdge – Build engagement models offer solution providers and independent software vendors (ISVs) the ability to rapidly plan, build, and commercialize solutions under a single, comprehensive partner program.
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  • Gain exposure to more than 380,000 SAP customers 
  • Build using the best-in-breed SAP technologies and platforms 
  • Join over 5,000 SAP ISV partners 
  • Connect with 2.5M SAP developers 
  • Access over 100 innovation and development centers

Benefit from SAP expertise and resources

Build your own road map to accelerate innovation, engage with customers, and drive business growth – with SAP at your side.
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Plan and design

Conceive and design solutions that blend your expertise with SAP innovation and deliver on customer requirements.  

Build and innnovate

Build apps that leverage SAP’s industry-leading platform technologies in areas such as cloud, IoT, machine learning, analytics, enterprise, big data, and high-performance databases.  

Go to market

Reduce time to market and risk, while accelerating ROI, with access to a broad range of go-to-market options and resources.  

Why build applications with SAP?

Because you get everything you need in a single, comprehensive partner program.
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Tech trends

Deliver on customer expectations through rapid innovation – with access to new, emerging, and future enterprise-grade technologies.

SAP platforms

Redefine how your customers operate by leveraging the latest Cloud, IoT, machine learning, analytics and database platform innovations. 

SAP applications

Build tightly integrated business applications that extend SAP’s core enterprise management, line of business and industry solutions.

Development resources and support

Develop, test, and deploy your applications quickly with access to onboarding support and development resources from SAP.

On-demand courses

Learn how to build applications that utilize the latest digital technology trends with access to a wide variety of on-demand courses and live Webinars.

Go-to-market options and resources

Develop an impactful go-to-market strategy with app certification, broad commercialization options, go-to-market services, and exposure to over 380,000 SAP customers.  

Choose the participation level that's right for you

Enter the program at any point in your development journey, whether you’re simply exploring technologies, designing and building applications or ready to bring your SAP-based applications to the market.
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No matter if you are a multi-national corporation, a start-up ISV, or an established industry-specific application provider, SAP PartnerEdge – Build is your starting point for you to gain access to SAP applications, platforms, and technology. 


SAP has offerings that can accommodate companies that simply want to test their product concepts, companies who have a finished application, and companies who need a custom program that matches their unique go-to-market and support requirements.

Join SAP PartnerEdge – Build

Select a program option to receive the tools, resources, and benefits you need to develop on SAP platforms and then go to market with success.
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SAP PartnerEdge – Build

Everything you need to plan, develop, and take your solutions to market for a program fee of €2,000* per year. A named SAP partner service advisor is available to speed up your business success.

SAP PartnerEdge Open Ecosystem – Build

In case you do not yet feel ready for the comprehensive partner engagement, start exploring SAP technologies in the open ecosystem for free. This option covers the initial stages but does not offer personal support nor any go-to-market benefits. It’s simple and easy to upgrade to the full engagement model at any time.

Each option gives you access to test, demo, and development licenses, both cloud as well as on premise. These licenses vary in price, with many available at no cost.


*Already a member of the SAP PartnerEdge program? Then your €2,000 base fee is waived. Visit the portal.

Learn how SAP partners and their customers are succeeding with SAP

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Revolutionizing corporate performance management

By leveraging SAP HANA and SAP Business Objects software components, CCH Tagetik is improving its CPM solution for existing customers, reaching new
customers, and differentiating itself in a competitive marketplace.

Using the Internet of Things and the cloud to disrupt the hygiene business

senseMANAGEMENT enables customers to monitor Hagleitnerm Hygiene products in real time, with insights from SAP Analytics to predict usage, optimize maintenance, make just-in-time deliveries, and leverage data-driven decision-making. 

Being better with less – making it easy to do business

Find out how Vertex Cloud is up to 50 percent less than on-premise, and how Vertex’s app enables users to manage multiple ledgers, years, currencies, and GAAPs.

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Transforming cancer treatment to improve patient lives

Molecular Health uses SAP HANA to power its MH Guide software and Dataome database to advance evidence-based and personalized medicine improving the long-term outlook for at-risk patients.

Staying safer with holistic safety management solutions

Find out how Schindler Group, a manufacturer of elevators and more, used the Employee Health & Safety app from partner Sodales to improve employee safety across its worldwide enterprise. 

Empowering employees to provide outstanding service

Read how, working with implementation partner /N SPRO, Hydro-Québec deployed a learning management system extension solution to the SAP SuccessFactors solution built on SAP Cloud Platform. 

Stay informed and connected

Take advantage of the power of partnership with SAP to leverage the SAP ecosystem and grow your business.
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Informational webinars

Learn more about SAP PartnerEdge – Build, the related partner benefits, and the latest SAP technologies.

Join the conversation

Connect, engage, and collaborate with other partners in our community forum.


See what’s trending on our SAP partner social media sites.

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