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Think it. Post it. Get it! SAP Innovation Management: Your cloud for ideas

Digitalization influences and changes the business environment at accelerating pace. So innovation is key to stay competitive, and it has to come from anyone, anywhere, always. SAP Innovation Management is a solution to collect and validate ideas. It helps managing idea campaigns from the first idea to the validated and value-generating concept.

  • Accelerate the ideation phase – turn ideas into concepts faster
  • Run an Innovation Office to help evaluate and manage ideas throughout the pipeline
  • Bridge innovation silos across functions, business units, and geographies
  • Foster interdisciplinary team building for better idea development
  • Encourage employees to participate in the ideation process
  • View, share, and discuss ideas with peers anytime, anywhere – with our mobile app

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Featured Resources


Forward-looking CIOs lead through innovation

Today's successful CIO is leading innovation and creates an environment where everyone understands that digital transformation touches every area in an organisation.

Smart Mobility: Virtual Ideas Lab for Porsche

Everyone agrees that the car of the future will be intelligent and connected. Exactly what this means in practice is a little harder to imagine, but a group of students from Karlsruhe, Germany, came up with some possible scenarios during a development project they worked on for Porsche AG.


Featured Solutions

Innovation Community

Share ideas and experiences with peers. Run local and global idea campaigns that foster innovation engagement through shared ideas and experiences.

  • Single, context-aware search box for ideas, campaigns, users, and walls
  • Live update of similar ideas during idea submission: real-time, continuous analysis of idea content
  • Extended idea activity log
  • Extended filtering: predefined idea list plus additional filtering for campaign, phase, and status
Mobile App

Get mobile access to SAP Innovation Management – so you can interact and participate in the innovation process anywhere, anytime.

  • Single access point to the SAP Innovation Management solution for web and mobile use
  • Responsive user interface that adjusts to device
  • Management and evaluation of ideas using a mobile device
Open Innovation

The powerful Innovation Office helps you pan for innovation gold more effectively and faster. It’s the “secret sauce” of innovation effectiveness.

  • SAML-based integration of identity providers for self-registration and single sign-on (user registration in central identity provider and user settings in the SAP Innovation Management solution)
  • Automatic group assignment of new users (users automatically assigned to central groups, for instance, assignment to all users or to a specific group based on mail domain)
  • Implicit role assignment (for instance, automatic office authorisation to a user assigned as a coach)
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