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Database Migration

SAP offers a wide range of database migration services to help optimise your use of SAP technology. Our portfolio of tools, resources, and fast-track programs supports your ability to move your legacy or non-SAP technologies to an SAP software landscape. 

SAP Advanced SQL Migration

Accelerate SQL database migration to SAP databases with a proven, no-cost tool

This SAP Advanced SQL Migration tool simplifies transitioning to an SAP database. It converts SQL-stored procedures, SQL queries, and database schema. This dramatically reduces the effort, complexity, and risk of database migration.

  • Quick pre-migration complexity assessment to identify migration challenges
  • Automatic conversion of SQL queries, database schemas, and server-side SQL
  • Automatically corrects for run-time semantic differences between the source and target database

The SAP Database Migration Factory

Database migration tools and best practices from SAP and its partners

The database migration factory is an expert service engagement that combines tools, accelerators, and industry best practices from SAP and its partners to ease your migration from third-party databases to SAP HANA.

  • Scope, size, and estimate databases, applications and infrastructure
  • Proof of concept and prototyping to demonstrate capabilities and project feasibility
  • Database and infrastructure testing and tuning for performance optimisation
  • Expert ROI and TCO analysis to build a business case for migration
  • Speed database migrations with automation tools

SAP Database Migration Testing

A quick, low- cost approach for testing the migrations of SAP applications to SAP databases in the cloud

With the SAP Database Migration Testing cloud service, you can provision server instances on Amazon Web Services, use proven tools to move applications and convert your data, and test the success of your migration – all without needing extra hardware or disrupting production systems.

  • Use a cloud-based test environment for assessing migration of SAP applications to SAP HANA or SAP ASE
  • The SAP applications migrated can include SAP ERP Central Component or SAP BW
  • The tool can convert data from any database to SAP HANA, perform OS migrations, as well as release enhancement package upgrades and Unicode conversions concurrently
  • The tests can be executed directly by customers, by consulting Partners, or by SAP Consulting, either on-site or remotely
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