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Treasury Management 

Solve your specific treasury management needs

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Meet changing needs with flexible cash management

Adapt your cash management processes to support rapid change as treasury departments become more closely involved in business activities.

Optimise your treasury with predictive tools and data

Ensure your corporate treasury is taking full advantage of Big Data to improve financial and business forecasting and mitigate risk exposure in world markets.

Control your treasury better in the digital economy

Make instant, more-informed decisions by providing a single version of the truth for all financial information, real-time data analytics, and forecasting and simulations.

Choose your SAP software for treasury management

SAP Treasury and Risk Management

Optimise all aspects of the treasury function, including cash and liquidity management, payments and bank communications, debt and investment management, and financial risk management, with SAP Treasury and Risk Management and SAP S/4HANA Finance.

  • On-premise, cloud, or hybrid deployment
  • Integrated portfolio, covering all treasury processes 
  • Advanced real-time analytics        
  • End-to-end integration of financial processes        

SAP Cash Management

Integrate data from multiple sources onto a single platform seamlessly and analyse cash positions by country, currency, company code, or bank to ensure real-time access to accurate information using the SAP Cash Management application.

  • On-premise, cloud, or hybrid deployment
  • Real-time visibility of global cash   
  • Reliable liquidity forecasts
  • Improved cash flow and transparency of working capital
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In-house cash management

Create a virtual bank to better manage internal payments with the SAP In-House Cash application. Bring intragroup payments in-house to minimise the risk of trusting critical payments to third parties. Gain the necessary control over internal banks that manage your payments.

  • On-premise, cloud, or hybrid deployment
  • Internal banking operations support
  • External banking relationship management
  • Concentrated working capital    

Trade repository reporting

Ensure full visibility and control of trade repository reporting using a single, dedicated platform. Facilitate compliance with requirements for reporting derivative contracts in Europe by transforming trade data into EMIR-compliant data for REGIS-TR and submitting the data as required.

  • Cloud deployment
  • Compliance with EMIR   
  • Automated data collection and transformation
  • Pre-report data monitoring

Choose the leader in treasury management

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lower treasury/cash management costs.

SAP Value Engineering


lower cost of capital.

SAP Value Engineering


less time to gather data for reports.

SAP Value Engineering

Start your journey toward digital transformation

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Control your treasury in the digital economy

Master business challenges, comply with regulations, and take on a more strategic role to guide your business to success in our digital economy with automated, agile, and secure treasury and risk management solutions.

Get the latest news and trends from experts

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Robert Banther
Manager of Financial Supply Chain, Solutions Marketing, SAP Ariba solutions

Opportunities to improve your working capital now

As the cost of debt increases, you should begin looking for internal operating opportunities to improve your working capital position while you still have time.

Uwe Erdtmann
Head of Product Marketing for SAP Treasury and Risk Management

Treasurers wade into the flow of information

Six out of ten treasury and finance executives agree that the treasury’s job is getting harder, based on a recent study by CFO Research. What’s the answer?

Babak Ghoreyshi
Solution Manager SAP

Next-generation needs for cash management

Complex cash management and treasury and finance operations have created a liability that can be addressed only through next-generation technologies.

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