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Collaboration Features

An enterprise collaboration platform that unites data, people, and processes, to solve problems quickly and drive business results.

New Features

Review the latest features of SAP Jam Collaboration and the instructions to use them. See this year's collection of weekly release notes and explore the latest release.

Enterprise Collaboration

Connect people with information, experts, applications, and processes to enable the level of collaboration that today’s business climate demands.

Deliver a global collaboration platform

  • Eliminate disconnected social silos in your organisation
  • Provide an aggregated experience to inform and engage users
  • Keep everyone on the same page by storing documents and information in one place
  • Accelerate innovation by collaborating with your partners and customers

Improve agility and expedite decision-making

  • Simplify content creation with real-time collaboration and messaging
  • Inform and engage employees with a modern intranet that delivers personalised, role-based content
  • Access information and expertise faster
  • Integrate SAP and third-party applications and APIs 

Simplify application design, development, and rollout

  • Lower license fees from multiple collaboration products
  • Simplify application development with collaboration user interfaces and APIs enabled by SAP Extension Suite
  • Reduce IT costs and optimise security and availability
  • Access information and collaborate from any device and any location

HR Transformation

From onboarding and learning to streamlining HR processes and employee engagement, HR can incorporate a human element into its transformation.

Connect new hires to the right resources quickly

  • Reduce onboarding costs
  • Create onboarding communities to provide a safe place to ask questions
  • Connect employees with subject-matter experts quickly and simply
  • Foster a culture of information sharing and open communication

Raise training effectiveness with blended learning

  • Reduce training travel costs
  • Encourage continuous learning with a modern, mobile-ready experience
  • Extend learning opportunities to your collaboration platform and corporate intranet
  • Supplement talent development with communities of experts and interest

Retain top talent and improve workforce development

  • Provide employees with the information, tools, training, resources, and support they need
  • Unite and foster development communities
  • Support mentors with a collaborative platform
  • Streamline development programs

Foster a culture of employee engagement

  • Connect the workforce across diverse generations, seniority levels, cultures and backgrounds
  • Give every employee a voice and connect them to the right experts and information
  • Help ensure equal opportunities for learning and development
  • Promote open, inclusive communications

Improve HR processes strategically

  • Achieve a fast, significant ROI
  • Enable topic experts to share information at the speed of business
  • Support self-service content creation and flexible workflows
  • Promote collaborative discussions to engage employees across wider organisations

Intranet-Driven Empowerment

Transform your intranet with enterprise collaboration, making it easier to find information and share it across every business process. 

Modernize the intranet user experience

  • Deliver faster, easier access to information and expertise
  • Accelerate strategy creation, brainstorming options, scenario evaluation, and decision-making
  • Transform information discovery, access, and sharing across all roles and geographic locations

Foster collaboration where and how employees work

  • Enhance business processes directly where users are already working
  • Empower employees with self-service information access and sharing
  • Deliver company news and collaboration capabilities through mobile applications

Improve the ROI of the existing IT infrastructure

  • Accelerate the path to better business performance with cloud-based collaboration
  • Integrate critical content and backend systems
  • Enable employee self-service to deliver faster resolution

Blended and Informal Learning

Improve employee learning by combining your learning management system (LMS), such as SAP SuccessFactors Learning, with a collaboration platform.

Extend learning to where employees work

  • Reduce the cost to train and onboard new hires
  • Support social, collaborative, and just-in-time learning anywhere, anytime, and on any device
  • Enable on-the-job learning with discovery, collaboration, peer resources, and expert finding
  • Find courses, information, and experts faster

Improve the economics of your learning programs

  • Reduce content creation costs by incorporating employee-created content
  • Promote learning programs actively on your enterprise collaboration platform and intranet
  • Lower the cost to create content and travel to training

Engage employees better with informal learning

  • Further learning with collaboration, peer resources, and expert finding
  • Interact outside the formal classroom
  • Integrate learning into daily work to deliver proper training
  • Incorporate documents, discussion, video, and microlearning that best suits the needs of employees

Collaboration for Marketing

Enhance marketing program planning, execution, and analysis by using the power of collaboration.

Build outstanding marketing content and campaigns

  • Improve program planning and execution through integration with SAP Marketing Cloud
  • Keep things moving with task management, streamlined approvals, and simplified exception handling
  • Promote creativity through structured brainstorming and rich communication channels

Empower sales and partner teams with updated content

  • Create and collaborate on content more efficiently and without e-mail and version collisions
  • Keep your sales teams and partners up-to-date and productive with the latest content
  • Connect with your sales team and partners directly to exchange ideas and collaborate

Accelerate onboarding and learning

  • Provide a rich onboarding experience with recommended people and content
  • Highlight crowdsourced expertise to focus on the best answers for intelligent learning
  • Enable deep integration with learning systems to help ensure immediate access to recommended and prescribed training

Collaboration for Sales

Accelerate sales cycles by helping to ensure effective collaboration among sales teams, internal experts, customers, and partners – all in the context of target accounts and opportunities.

Develop collaborative, repeatable processes

  • Accelerate the closing of new business
  • Collaborate on sales documents and work with customers on proposals, quotes, and contracts
  • Focus teams on top priority opportunities to increase win rates and decrease time to close
  • Engage with customers and partners regularly

Grow skills with training, mentoring, and coaching

  • Create relevant learning content at a lower cost
  • Recommend content and experts to drive continuous enablement
  • Enhance formal training with user-contributed content and discussions
  • Develop employees with one-to-many or one-on-one coaching and mentoring

Collaborate with experts, customers, and partners

  • Enable continuous engagement with your sales teams and customers with mobile support
  • Create and facilitate prospect, customer, or partner communities around a product or market segment
  • Manage customer expectations across the entire order-to-cash process

Collaboration for Service and Support

Work collectively with customers, internal stakeholders, and experts to resolve service requests and help exceed customer expectations.

Accelerate response and resolve issues effectively

  • Reduce service costs with faster issue resolution
  • Swarm high-priority service issues before they impact customer satisfaction
  • Engage cross-functional teams exchange information more rapidly

Minimise time to contribution

  • Provide a rich onboarding experience with recommended people and content
  • Blend formal and informal content through deep integration with learning management systems
  • Develop employees with one-to-many or one-on-one coaching and mentoring

Improve effectiveness and strengthen relationships

  • Develop an internal knowledge base of information, integrated with SAP Service Cloud
  • Enhance business intelligence with user-contributed content and discussions
  • Access recommended content, notifications, and  answers to keep your team in sync

Detailed Product Scope

People-centric collaboration drives business transformation

Learn how SAP Jam Collaboration, a cloud-based enterprise collaboration platform, enables you to bring people and information together with the business processes to quickly solve business problems and deliver business results.

SAP Software Accessibility

SAP is committed to delivering software that is usable by individuals with disabilities. Although our applications include many accessibility features, they are currently not fully optimised for accessibility. You may need to provide client-side, third-party assistive technologies, such as the JAWS screen reader, to be used in conjunction with SAP products.

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