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Business Analytics

Analytics solutions

Accelerate digital transformation with business analytics solutions and embedded machine learning that can help you gain fast and accurate insights across your business and implement new processes and applications based on those insights.

SAP Analytics key platform products

Built on a strategy of using analytical insights to drive business actions, our analytics platforms support every phase of the analytics lifecycle – from data to discovery to deployment.
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Realise the power of cloud analytics

Minimise cost and complexity, while increasing speed and scale. SAP Analytics Cloud provides you with the most important analytical needs across your organisation, so you can seamlessly plan, discover, analyse, and predict – all in a single, integrated cloud analytics solution built on SAP Cloud Platform.

Build your analytics foundation

Create a solid foundation with a data warehousing solution designed for real-time transactional and analytical processing environments. SAP BW/4HANA empowers businesses to connect historical data with live data to achieve in-the-moment
analysis and decision making. 

Create a path to the future

Take advantage of existing on-premise data and analytics technology investments while creating a path to the future in the cloud. SAP BusinessObjects BI platform allows for the marriage of data from on-premise and cloud sources.

Solve your specific analytics needs

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Analytics that keep users – and IT – happy

With the rise of digital business and the emergence of the millennial workforce, expectations for analytics applications have changed. Business buyers and users need solutions that are simple to acquire and use, and CIOs and IT departments need the governance, security, scalability, and manageability of trusted enterprise software. SAP is the only vendor to meet the needs of both groups. Here’s why.  

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increase in revenue due to more informed decision-making

SAP Analytics Portfolio – Modern Analytics for the Digital Enterprise white paper


increase in analytics tools adoption across the company

SAP Analytics Portfolio – Modern Analytics for the Digital Enterprise white paper


efficiency improvements in key business functions by running queries without having to wait hours for results

SAP Analytics Portfolio – Modern Analytics for the Digital Enterprise white paper

See how customers are succeeding with SAP

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Live Oak: Making smart decisions in real time

Live Oak is a modern bank that uses the latest technology to differentiate itself in the marketplace. Learn why the bank chose SAP Analytics Cloud to help employees answer tough questions and make decisions in real time.

mBank: Improving campaign effectiveness by 200%

Find out how Poland’s largest online bank is using SAP Predictive Analytics to anticipate future demand for 4.5 million customers.* Now mBank can provide the most relevant offers and promotions to specific customer groups.

Lexmark: Running 50% faster consolidation cycles

How did Lexmark cut consolidation times in half? By deploying SAP Business Planning and Consolidation powered by SAP HANA.* Learn how the company is using the EPM software to centralise strategic planning, forecasting, budgeting, and consolidation processes.

Choose the market-leading analytics software

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Can your analytics tools deliver 171% ROI?

Recognised as the market leader in Big Data analytics, SAP BusinessObjects is the de facto standard in organisations around the world. Learn how the solutions deliver value in “The Total Economic Impact of SAP Analytics: Cost Savings and Business Benefits.”

#1 vendor for advanced and predictive analytics

For the second year in a row, SAP has received the #1 ranking in the Wisdom of Crowds 2016 Advanced and Predictive Analytics Market Study by Dresner Advisory Services. In this study, vendors are reviewed and ranked for core advanced and predictive features, data preparation, usability, scalability, and integration.

Get fresh perspectives from experts

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Democratizing Decision Making with Analytics

How important is analytics in helping organisations understand, visualise, and assess all the complex data coming out of their business processes, broader organisation, and customers? Listen to Ray Wang from Constellation as he makes sense of all the data that organisations are now trying to work with.

The Value of Data and Analytics in Digital Transformation

Digital transformation has become a board-level initiative at many companies. A key part of this investment is being focused on data and analytics. SAP recently posed several questions to Dan Vesset, group vice president of IDC's Analytics and Information Management research, on behalf of SAP's customers.  

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