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Build a sustainable and traceable agriculture supply chain

Designed for agribusiness companies and powered by the SAP Cloud Platform, this supply chain management (SCM) software connects smallholder farmers to the agricultural value chain.

Key Benefits

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Image of a a tablet application tracking a shipment

Monitor, track, and trace your supply chain

Link farm and logistics processes to form a chain of visibility to help ensure full traceability and monitor output improvements from farm to fork.

Image of a trend line graph on a computer monitor

Analyse data anytime, anywhere

Access and analyse a large volume of real-time data quickly to scrutinize and verify every source of agricultural origination for your products.

Image of a regulatory agency stamp

Comply with current and future regulations

Govern your people, processes, data, and assets to help ensure all current and future agriculture regulations are followed with precision.

Key Capabilities

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Mobile access for field agents

  • Digitalize traceability from the earliest stage of farmer delivery to the weighing bridge 
  • Turn data capture into a paperless process with smartphones
  • Enable offline access and optimise bandwidth

Central operations insight on any device

  • Manage the agricultural supply chain comprehensively
  • Exchange information directly with market participants
  • Respond to quality incidents and other issues immediately and more efficiently

Executive analytics in the cloud

  • Deliver high-performance supply chain analytics designed for Big Data
  • Acquire, manipulate, and visualise data from any source
  • Support the highest security standards and 100% offline enablement
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