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SAP and Capgemini

Capgemini helps customers achieve their technology vision by driving innovation with SAP Business Technology Platform.

Differentiate yourself and innovate efficiently


Capgemini has helped more than 100 businesses adopt SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP). Its experts focus on acceleration, sustainability, and innovation.

Why Capgemini?

Capgemini is a long-standing SAP partner, and the company’s vast experience working with SAP solutions can help you use SAP BTP to overcome your business challenges. Capgemini places strong emphasis on how its experts work with you to help ensure you take full advantage of SAP technology and enable you to transform into an intelligent enterprise. 

Capgemini's Intelligent Analytics for Pharma

Automate demand prediction and inventory management and use real-time insights from inventory data to improve your delivery score.

Capgemini Supplier Integration for Automotive

Provide suppliers with self-service access to your back-end resources using single sign-on with this supplier portal application.


Get automatic notifications about problematic EDI postings within SAP S/4HANA or SAP ERP using Capgemini Intelligent Assistant (CIA4Auto).

Digital Core with SAP S/4HANA

hange is inevitable. Capgemini can help you become a renewable enterprise capable of adapting to current and future business needs.

See how this partnership helps solve real-world problems

Innovating in water and utilities management

Find out how FARYS supports efficient, effective, and socially responsive operations with solutions for SAP BTP from Capgemini.

Turning vision into value with co-innovation

Learn how SAP, Brose, and Capgemini developed a secure, autonomous, and self-service supplier portal application in the cloud.

Why businesses choose SAP and Capgemini

Integration for cloud platforms on hyperscalers

Learn why Capgemini’s Geoff Wariss thinks digital transformation is reaching critical mass with its ability to innovate at speed.

Creating quick wins with SAP BTP

Find out how you can get user buy-in by inserting quick wins into your projects with SAP solutions within the first 12 months.

Moving forward with a future-proof IT strategy

Deliver on your IT goals and discover an outline for sustained and actionable IT transformation from Capgemini’s Gary James. 

FARYS and Capgemini improve water management with efficient, sustainable operations

Listen as FARYS and Capgemini share how with the right technologies, companies can now meet their social, environmental, and financial goals. 

Unlocking innovation with a move to the cloud

In this joint thought leadership paper from Capgemini and SAP, learn about the value of SAP Business Technology Platform when moving legacy ERP workloads from on-premise to the cloud.

Get started

See how Capgemini can help you implement solutions for SAP BTP.

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