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SAP TechEd News Guide 2022

Dear SAP Community,

Thank you for reading this news guide, your reference point for all the innovations SAP is announcing at the SAP® TechEd conference in 2022.


Before we jump into our news, I’d like to give you some context on the environment we see around us as we engage with SAP customers. Organizations today continue to face profound challenges. Rising inflation, ongoing supply chain disruption, and severe macroeconomic volatility demand that businesses become even more efficient and agile to succeed. The question is: How?


Fifty years ago, our founders launched a company focused on the people and processes that power organizations. This ethos remains in our DNA. We believe that the key to more impactful business transformation lies in unleashing the expertise of those who know business best – the business users themselves.


So today, we're introducing SAP Build, a uniquely powerful low-code solution that puts our world-class enterprise technology in the hands of business users. Drawing on the unique depth and breadth of SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP), SAP Build gives business users direct access to the end-to-end processes, data, and context they need to make smarter decisions and drive innovation quickly. With SAP Build, users can easily integrate systems; intelligently monitor, analyze, and automate processes; and build applications for the last mile of innovation – all without moving their data into an external system.


We also know that every enterprise is now a technology enterprise. So as we unleash the innovation potential of business users, we also recognize the increasing premium put on the high-level skills and insights of professional developers. That’s why we're adding new capabilities to enhance developer productivity and unveiling initiatives, including a new partnership with learning platform provider Coursera Inc., to expand and empower our growing community of professional developers.


As ever, the full focus of SAP innovations continues to be future-proofing customers and partners. From an all-new native Web entry point for business apps, which increases productivity in the cloud and out of the box, to innovations across our intelligent applications, digital supply chain and sustainability solutions, and new capabilities for the software development kit for iOS – at SAP TechEd, we’re unleashing the power of business.


We're glad you're with us and hope you find this guide helpful. Please let us know what you think:

Oliver Roll
Chief Communications Officer, SAP

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