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Chapter 5: Improving Business Results and Impact through Learning and Intelligent Support

SAP delivers innovations to accelerate workforce transformation, helping every company build a path toward technical transformation

SAP is announcing a variety of new learning offerings as part of a growing initiative to educate, certify, and employ people in the SAP ecosystem.


The new learning offerings include:

  • Free access to learning resources from SAP for all students worldwide
  • Enhanced low-code, no-code (LCNC) offerings for citizen developers
  • An expanded and refreshed skill validation program


SAP now provides free access for all students to tailored learning resources and experiences in the “student zone” of the SAP Learning portal. This includes access to free SAP Learning Journey guides to build skills in key SAP software innovation areas and exclusive SAP Learning Journey guides for students to learn about end-to-end business processes for the intelligent enterprise. It provides additional access to certification opportunities for students.


SAP is also launching an enhanced learning journey that prepares for our new certifications for LCNC skills. It supports nontechnical users with little to no experience in writing code, accrediting the skills developed in the LCNC learning journey and supporting the growing need for accelerated app development.


To increase the visibility of careers in the SAP ecosystem and broaden the base of professionals with SAP software expertise, we’re also introducing a simplified and expanded skill validation program that measures foundational solution expertise and offers skills certification for intermediate and advanced levels.


Learn more about SAP learning in this blog post.



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SAP Companion takes the user experience of SAP Enable Now to the next level

By the end of Q2 2022, users of the SAP Enable Now solution for SAP Concur® solutions are expected to be able to access the SAP Companion service directly and get help content, guided tours, and customized learnings without having to leave the application.


SAP Companion, which is part of SAP Enable Now, is a digital companion that provides standard enablement content from SAP while making it simpler than ever to create engaging custom content. With SAP Companion, SAP Enable Now offers a better user experience as well as an adoption and productivity platform for the intelligent enterprise.


SAP Companion content can be edited by extending the standard content or by creating custom content. Available standard content can be used as is by all customers. It can also be extended with additional custom content. Customer content can also be newly created.


SAP Companion is the new name, replacing the names “Web assistant” and “desktop assistant” for in-application help channels provided by SAP Enable Now.



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Improved support of SAP SuccessFactors solutions through SAP Cloud ALM

Realizing the full value of investments in SAP SuccessFactors solutions requires a focus on application lifecycle management (ALM). The SAP Cloud ALM solution is the ALM offering for cloud-centric customers of SAP. Now, customers of SAP SuccessFactors solutions can access SAP SuccessFactors software content in SAP Cloud ALM, helping them drive ROI on their technology investment. Customers get:

  • Clear, guided task management following the SAP Activate methodology for deploying, adopting, and extending new capabilities. This increases visibility of project status and can help ensure that tasks are executed on time by the right people
  • Best-practice recommendations for implementing HR processes provide customers with process models as a foundation so they do not have to start from scratch
  • Monitoring of business processes and integrations alerts customers when disruptions occur, so they can analyze and correct problems fast
  • Orchestration and automation of error-handling procedures help avoid manual activities whenever possible

SAP Cloud ALM is cloud-native, so customers don’t have to bother with maintenance or technical operations. Customers with subscriptions to cloud solutions from SAP or SAP Enterprise Support agreements can access SAP Cloud ALM at no additional cost.


Learn more about SAP Cloud ALM for SuccessFactors

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