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SAP Trust Center
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Data Protection and Privacy

Data protection and privacy is part of our DNA. SAP protects the rights of our employees, applicants, customers, suppliers, partners, and more. When we process and use data, we protect it, preserve its ownership, and maintain the privacy of the person who it belongs to.
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EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

GDPR harmonizes data protection regulation throughout the EU and gives individuals more control over their data.

Data Protection and Privacy Agreements

Learn about our rules and standards for the collection, processing and use of personal data, by SAP and our sub-processors.

Data Protection Management System

Learn how the data protection management system (DPMS) helps us achieve and maintain an effective and appropriate level of data protection and privacy at SAP.

Data Privacy in SAP Products

Understand how SAP products keep data secure and master key data security concepts address the requirements of local and regional regulations.

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Data protection and privacy for SAP Cloud Platform

Discover the data protection and privacy measures taken at SAP applicable to SAP as a whole and the measures which have been taken specifically for the SAP Cloud Platform product.

Data Protection and Privacy Policy and Processing Agreements

We respect individual privacy. Our data protection and privacy policy and data processing agreements with our sub-processors, help us act on our values and abide by all relevant laws, worldwide.
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Data Protection and Privacy Policy

SAP's global policy outlines a standard for handling personal data. This policy helps us comply with applicable data protection and privacy laws. It defines requirements for processing and accessing personal data, and establishes clear responsibilities and organizational structures. This means that your data is safe with us.

Image representing data protection and privacy coordinators

Data Protection and Privacy Coordinators

You can trust our network of coordinators to monitor the collection, processing, and deletion of personal data, and maintain a constant high level of data protection and privacy standards within group affiliates and business areas.

Privacy at a Glance

What you need to know about SAP’s Data Protection and Privacy Policy. Learn how SAP respects and protects the rights of individuals, their information, and what regulations we comply with. The British Standards Institution has certified SAP processes regarding data protection and privacy.

Data Protection Management System

To demonstrate our compliance obligations with data protection and privacy laws, SAP has implemented a wide range of measures – such as a data protection management system – to protect data controlled by us and our customers from unauthorized access and processing, accidental loss, or destruction.
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Building representing line of business data protection guidelines to ensure cloud storage security and data confidentiality

Line of Business Data Protection Guidelines

Our data protection management system allows SAP to ensure compliant behavior across all our lines of business. We have a set of company-wide data protection guidelines, function-specific work instructions, and a worldwide network of data protection representatives.

Big Data representing internal data protection that enables cloud storage privacy and security

Internal Data Protection

SAP regularly trains all employees and verifies a high level of data protection awareness with regular audits in more than 100 locations worldwide every year.

Data Protection Management System Certificate

Accredited by the British Standard Institution (BSI) of London, the certification is based on BS 10012, the standard for personal information management systems. Audit details and results are made available to all customer through the annual customer audit report.

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