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Workshop series: Discover SAP Cloud Platform

Lysaker, Norway
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SAP Cloud Platform is the Platform-as-a-Service built to meet the needs of modern developers. With comprehensive services and capabilities, the world's best developers depend on SAP Cloud Platform to build better apps in less time.

We are setting up hands-on workshops where you’ll get good overview about SAP Cloud Platform’s capabilities and learn about business use cases. Workshops will be organized around 3 themes: User Experience, Integration Services and Data Capabilities, each at their separate workshop and date.
Join and learn how to build better apps your users love
Arrangementskategori SAP-arrangement
Arrangementstype Personlig fremmøte
Language English
Målgruppe Developer leads, technology consultants, UX designers, business transformation specialists, industry experts
Sted SAP Office
Lysaker Torg 5
Lysaker, 1324, Norway
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