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Flexi: Meeting high demand confidently with a modern e-commerce platform

Explore Flexi’s journey with SAP

Flexi has a vision to further expand its presence with a modern e-commerce experience. By adopting the SAP Commerce Cloud solution, the footwear brand has taken steps to make this vision a reality.



higher shopper conversion rate.



greater monthly sales than expected.



reduction in time to market for new products.

We have complete confidence in our online sales with the SAP Commerce Cloud solution. Our online shop was able to handle an unexpected peak of 15-times-greater site traffic without issue.

Francisco Castro
E-Commerce Director

The Challenge

Distributing as many as 16 million pairs of shoes each year

Flexi is a footwear brand beloved by men, women, and children across Mexico. For three generations, the family-owned business has sold shoes out of its in-person retail locations.


Despite operating approximately 500 stores by 2019, Flexi wanted an online presence. The company sought to expand into e-commerce with cloud technology. With this approach, it gained the flexible foundation necessary to meet its customers’ fast-changing shopping needs as well as fluctuations in demand – even in times of worldwide disruption.

The Solution

Creating a digital commerce experience in the cloud

Flexi decided to launch its e-commerce Web site with the SAP Commerce Cloud solution to help fulfil growing demand for online shopping. Little did the company know that the same solution would help mitigate losses a few months later, when approximately 475 of its retail stores closed during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Along with helping Flexi create an online, direct-to-consumer shopping experience, SAP Commerce Cloud also gave Flexi insights into customers’ evolving buying habits and preferences. The business surveys customers through the solution and then sends sales promotions tailored to each shopper’s preference.


The integration capacity of SAP Commerce Cloud has also proven useful during a time of intense economic challenges. Flexi has maintained its presence on third-party e-commerce sites, such as Mercado Libre and Amazon, with no disruption.

The Result

Preparing for peak sales days with confidence

Flexi has developed and optimised its e-commerce platform to offer shoppers faster speeds and reliability. Specifically, customers can shop safely from home during holidays, such as Mother’s Day and the “Hot Sale,” an extended period of sales days in Mexico in the fall.


With SAP Commerce Cloud, Flexi can provide a better shopping experience year-round. For instance, the company can send out-of-season stock back to the warehouse from its retail locations and then promote the stock to online shoppers who may buy the products.


Flexi has seen its shopper sales conversion rate double since implementing SAP solutions. It hopes to continue offering its share of online, direct-to-consumer shopping even after customers return to in-person retail locations. From there, the company plans to expand into the business-to-business market.

Just a year or two ago, we didn’t have communication with customers. Now, with the SAP Commerce Cloud solution, we have many strategies to help us learn about our customers and offer them deals that keep them coming back.

Francisco Castro
E-Commerce Director

SAP helps Flexi run better

Key business outcomes and benefits

  • Increased average page-load speeds and stability during periods of high shopper traffic
  • Lowered the average time to get new products to market – now just three weeks
  • Gained the ability to develop a new loyalty rewards program for customers
  • Projected end-of-year savings of approximately 2.5 times the ROI needed for the solutions
  • Managed peak site traffic without any interruptions to service

Featured solutions and services

  • SAP Commerce Cloud creates an online direct-to-consumer shopping experience and integrates with third-party e-commerce sites. 

About Flexi

Based in Mexico, Flexi manufactures and distributes footwear and accessories to men, women, and children. The company seeks to become a leading brand by permanently meeting the expectations of consumers, retailers, and suppliers. Plus, it’s devoted to fairly distributing the value generated among shareholders, employees, government, and society.

Industry Region Company Size

Consumer products





Latin America



>5,000 employees

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