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SAP Internship Experience Program

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Making room for all dreamers and disruptors

At SAP, we believe experience and opportunity are paramount. Our interns step into dynamic teams and work on projects where cross-collaboration, creativity, and learning abound.

What makes our paid internship program different to any other? It’s simple: our interns transform the way we conduct business. Our interns:

  • Run campaigns that hit the bottom line
  • Develop some of the latest technologies and products
  • Learn from business executives
  • Meet with top talent around the world

How do our interns bring their X factors to SAP?

See what our interns think about our X factors and how they bring them to life in their day-to-day work at SAP. With the SAP Internship Experience Project, we seek to create the space for interns to find purpose in their careers. Interns join cohorts and participate in social networking, on-site learning sessions and fun social events that encourage community and personal growth.   

Through the intern lens: evolving with experience at SAP

What makes SAP internships stand out? Meet three interns who joined the SAP  Internship Experience Project from different places and backgrounds. Each of their journeys lead them to learn new skills, network with peers, and discover personal growth.

SAP Internship Experience Day in São Leopoldo, Brazil

Step inside our SAP Internship Experience Day in São Leopoldo, Brazil. This is a full-day of learning, hearing from SAP thought leaders, giving back to our local community, and most importantly, finding the space to discover our purpose. Hear from interns directly on their experience with SAP Internship Experience Project.

Providing space to explore, discover and drive your purpose

+1000 interns across 6 countries

Reimagining the internship experience

We believe that internships are more than just a name on a resume. They’re a chance to shape your network, try new things, fail forward, and learn outside your comfort zone. How can you do that? The opportunities are endless:

  • Attending online and in-person training from industry thought-leaders
  • Meeting and learning from executives
  • Mentoring with leaders across SAP
  • Building communities with skill-based volunteer opportunities
  • Participating in social and networking events

Learn about application prerequisites for each location:

Meet some of our interns and alumni

Marie Coady

My virtual internship experience with #SAPiXp has been seamless and rewarding. Remote working is a new experience for me, but the support from my colleagues and mentors means that I don't miss out on anything. Every day I learn and do something new, and there's always someone to take a call if I need help or just want to check in for a virtual cuppa!

Shantanu Gupta

Just when I thought that the entire fun might be sucked out whilst going virtual, the SAP iXp virtual internship program changed my viewpoint entirely. It remained the same amazing SAP iXp program, but in the comfort of your own home, how better can this even get?

Tanmay Vijaywargiya
United States

This internship is a definite highlight of my summer! Not only am I working on a project but I'm also constantly building my network and skills through power hour sessions with amazing SAP executives. In addition, the fun activities and games we interns do, even in an online setting, add to the experience.

Lucas Ferreira

The SAP iXp program overcame social distancing and preserved a welcoming experience. I see myself growing every day in this diverse, human and challenging environment.

Diana Danylova
Czech Republic

I'm hugely excited about the internship program because all the activities motivate me to do more and more for my future career. The atmosphere is very favourable and it is great for every dayself-improvement.

Nirali Sanghrajka

Amazing welcome sessions , great experience gained with the comfort of sitting at home!

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