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CoE Engineers looking at a monitor and are discussing a technological challenge at a desk

Premium Hub - CoE Early Talent Program

Europe, Middle East, Africa

Drive true digital transformation for our customers

Develop the skills to create, manage and execute a plan that supports SAP solutions with a high degree of customer satisfaction.


Engineers globally

The Premium Hub - CoE is a division of SAP’s Customer Success Delivery unit. The Global CoE provides meticulous, strategic services to SAP’s largest customers operating on the most complex SAP landscapes. We interact with individuals at every level of the customer’s organization in order to meet the customer’s needs. The role of a Premium Hub - CoE team member is demanding and requires passionate individuals with the strongest technical expertise and excellent analytical and communication skills. Together, we plan, architect, analyze, optimize, and safeguard our customers’ SAP solutions.   

Manfred Neskudla
Head of Premium Hub - CoE EMEA

You are interested in the newest Technologies, Applications, Cloud Solutions or how to develop new software solutions using Machine Learning? Our team is distributed across 7 different countries in EMEA and is working with the largest and most successful companies in the world. We work in teams and do it onsite at customer locations & remotely in the backoffice. We are looking for passionate graduates to join our high motivated and multinational team to help our customers to run the world better.​ ​Is it you?​

Who we are

  • We are resilient
    We work in a constantly changing world with evolving technologies and constantly growing complexity. Therefore, our team culture developed naturally in severe circumstances under high pressure of responsibility for customer success and inspiration from challenges.
  • We are reliable
    We don’t hide from the issue, we take ownership and deliver results. We accept challenges when others give up. We always go the extra mile. We accept responsibility as individuals and as a team.
  • We work together
    We truly working as a team. We trust, respect, support each other and say thank you. We brainstorm, share knowledge and don’t compete with teammates. Team synergy helps us to discover extraordinary ideas and solutions. In our team there are no limits of knowledge depth.
  • We are global
    We work globally - our team is international. We are always on duty. There are experts in all time zones. Our team has no boundaries in delivery and exchange resources between regions. We benefit from the variety of locations and skills worldwide.
  • We welcome diversity
    Everyone in Premium Hub - CoE is unique. A variety of personalities, age groups, cultures, nations make us stronger, more creative and sustainable. Being diverse by having different experience, educational background, geographical locations Premium Hub - CoE team attracts the best talent, foster innovative ideas and provide the world best service to our customers.

  • The trusted advisor
    In the Premium Hub - CoE, we have a collective confidence, we are connected and we are committed with a emotional courage that delivers success to the customer. We listen to the customer and have fostered long-term sustainable relationships. We are a trusted adviser to the Premium Success engagements that are specifically designed for a strategic collaboration. We are the catalysts to deliver the service portfolio covering all deployments from innovation to operations. We deliver with a consistent methodology that prioritizes quality to develop an excellent experience with the desired outcomes for our customers’.
  • Service methodology
    We connect the past with the present to embrace the customers challenges of the future. We lead by example in adapting to new challenges and demonstrate great integrity through actions and commitments. With innovation capabilities, and deep knowledge of technical architecture concepts combined with business process acumen, we are in the unique position to create and achieve new business possibilities.
  • Skills & profiles
    The Premium Hub - CoE are committed to resolving issues, identifying risks and providing safeguarding assurances to our customers’. The Premium Hub - CoE has the embedded expertise to deliver the Intelligent Enterprise to cover the key components of the Intelligent Suite, the Digital Platform and Intelligent Technologies. We have the customer management experience to keep the promise and tell it like it is with real confidence.

  • We come with an End-to-End view
    We help our customers to make complex things simple. We provide a holistic E2E view on how to adopt new technologies.
  • We feel accountable
    Integrity is a cornerstone of our relationship to the customer. Our work and dedication are the basis for our customer’s trust in the brand SAP. We not only put out the fires, but we make sure it's fireproof for the future.
  • We use the power of the team
    As a team of experts sharing knowledge and experience, we have the technical and functional competence to guide and safeguard a project end to end. Together, we go the extra mile for our customers.
  • We focus on results
    We want to make an impact! We focus on results and the value for the customer’s business. We live the Premium Engagement model orchestrated between front office and outcome-based services delivered on-site and remote. Global services definition and regional execution guarantee consistent quality in every piece we deliver.
  • We go for it!
    We only call a problem solved if the root cause is understood. We stay current with technology – and if a customer calls, we roll up our sleeves and get it done. (even if not part of an escalation).

  • Working amongst the best
    We are a global, diverse and multicultural team uniting some of the best and smartest engineers in the world. Our customers are the largest and most successful companies in the world.
  • Nature of support & guidance
    We all share a strong passion and a clear direction: use the joined knowledge to help our customers. Use it to influence strategic C-Level decisions, use it to support architecture decisions, use it to influence detailed operational decisions. We are emotionally involved and proud to be part of that great mission. Our biggest reward is customer trust and success.
  • Job variety
    Every customer situation is different. We analyze issues, detect root causes, test, improve and code. We do it onsite at customer locations & remotely in backoffice. Our results are fed into standard services to share knowledge and to feed it into the complete organization.
  • Continuous learning
    We love to learn new technologies, evolve delivery methodology, learn new solutions, understand new customer situations, work in new environments and in flexible teams.

EMEA locations

Germany​​ |  France​​ |  Hungary | ​​ Russia | ​​ Egypt​​ |  Morocco​​ |  South Africa

The essential pillars of the program

The Premium Hub - CoE Early Talent Program offers a fast paced and challenging learning environment and is an ideal starting opportunity for a career in the Premium Hub - CoE.

You will develop the fundamental skills to become a successful engineer, including stakeholder and customer management. You will gain a deep understanding of the cloud business model, as well as the SAP business processes across functional borders.  

Premium Hub - CoE Early Talent Program EMEA structure

What does it take to be successful in the Premium Hub - CoE Early Talent Program?

We want people who think big and dream big. People who are dynamic and full of integrity. We want people who are collaborative, creative, and fun. And most of all, we want people who are passionate about helping businesses – and the world – run better and improve people’s lives.

  • STEM education with a minimum of a bachelor’s degree​
  • Hands on programming experience (eg. JAVA, Python)​
  • Ability to learn quickly, strong analytical skills, creative and open minded​
  • Ability to communicate and convince others based on technical facts​
  • New STEM graduates ideally with internship experience, SAP Experience (1-3 years for early talent) will be considered​

What participants say about their experience

Gledis Lushaj
Support Engineer 

To kick off my career as a full time employee at SAP, I attended the SAP Career Starters Program and the Premium Hub - CoE Boot Camp. Both programs are designed for early talents, with a package of workshops that are of social, business or technical nature. The Premium Hub - CoE Boot Camp offers trainings that are specific for Premium Hub - CoE and give you more insights of what the daily work at Premium Hub - CoE consists of. Even though I had already been working as a working student for SAP, the program delivered a lot of value in my professional and personal development. I must mention that I started in April 2020 where almost the whole world was experiencing the lockdown phase, so I was maybe a bit more nervous than average on how the virtual experience would be. Nevertheless, the Program did exceed my expectation. Even though everything was done virtually, I was able to learn so much and do hands-on practice. We were in contact with experts and could directly ask questions in case we wanted more information on a specific topic. The Boot Camp was not only about technical skills, but also teaching us how we can succeed in working with customers. Even now after 2 years of experience on working with customers at Premium Hub - CoE Analytics, I still go back to what I learned in the Career Starters Program and the Premium Hub - CoE Boot Camp.

Working with customers is not only about solving their problems, but also being a good listener, communicating a lot, being able to handle pressure and sometimes it get stressful yes, but the feeling of reward after you have made a customer happy, is totally worth it. I say this from experience, and I can confidently add, that the early talent program that SAP offers, does help you a lot in all these pillars. ​

SAP offers a very light and fun atmosphere to be around, cultural diversity and great colleagues that you can learn so much from - having these in mind I recall my experience at the Career Starters Program and the Premium Hub - CoE Boot Camp as one of the best I have had!

Attila Ritzl

Bootcamp sets you off with great general overview on parts of Premium Hub - CoE from where your personnel journey can truly begin. In 15 weeks, you learn about SAP products, technologies, challenging processes, and best-practices from the most talented trainers. Soft-skill development and networking is in focus for the first weeks, so you don't just take the rest of training with fellow colleagues, but with friends. It makes a family atmosphere where you don't feel the pressure of asking questions multiple times and shouldn’t be shy.​ For me, the most important aspect during the program was the openness of fellow peers and trainers which is also a great characteristic of SAP. We were asked to give feedback week-by-week, and many great ideas were implemented from that. ​Premium Hub - CoE bootcamp has been the best training I have ever taken and I cannot wait to take my next steps!

Taylan Mueslueman

My start within the Premium Hub - CoE for Customer and Vendor Management exceeded my expectations greatly. Despite starting amid a global pandemic, the well-refined Early Talent Program has allowed me to have a very successful start by improving my understanding of the SAP technologies and the company culture. In addition, I had the chance to get to know a big group of new hires and various experts from other departments, who have gradually become my internal network. The training programs provided me with a great technical knowledge basis to expand upon and the upfront time investment by SAP shows that the individual development of the employees is valued. My buddy, mentor and team manager have all been very supportive along the way and I am looking forward to contributing to our team’s and customers’ success.

Norbert Radakovits

As SAP is my very first multinational workplace, the Career Starter Program was a salvation for me. At first the length of it and the intensity was a bit frightening, but when it has started, everything has changed. It was really great that we learnt not only about the basics of SAP but the business culture. And also beside the incredibly lot of thing what they taught to us, we the students again started to behave like we were in school. We built networks but sometimes even more than networks. I think we will never forget those who was our first comrades in this experience. ​And after we got through the business related topics we started to get an overview about SAP’s overwhelming world. I won’t lie it was hard sometimes. But at that point we already had some colleagues who were always ready to help us. And the presenters tried their best to answer as many of our questions as they could even if the time was short. So we were never alone. I just can hope that this atmosphere will be the same during the following times because during this program we of course learnt a lot but still for me the best part was the environment.

Valentin Bon

Premium Hub - CoE’s Early Talent Program was a very rewarding onboarding experience. ​Despite challenging circumstances, the program teams managed to bring together newcomers from all over Europe. ​Starting in small groups, we got to know each other, then we worked together on different scenarios and role plays. ​This allowed us to exercise and put into practice the skills that will be useful in our daily lives: such as design thinking or project methodology. ​ ​The second part of the program allowed us to dive into the heart of SAP, its products, and its culture. ​At the end of these intense weeks, we were able to better identify the current and future challenges that we will face during our career at SAP. ​The different trainers gave us the keys to find our way and make our team and our customers successful!

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