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Supply Chain Consulting Services

Run fast, smooth, and highly efficient SCM – with supply chain consulting services from SAP

Expertly plan and execute your supply chain on a global scale – and meet the increasing demands of digital business – with supply chain consulting services from SAP. Our consultants can help you zero-in on the right supply chain management (SCM) software, create customized demos and prototypes, and use best practices to adopt the latest technologies. Fine-tune your supply chain strategy and jump-start SAP implementations, software optimization, ERP integration, and more.

4 phases of supply chain consulting services


Get a holistic view of your supply chain management goals and needs. These SCM consulting services can help you assess your strengths and weaknesses – and develop an IT road map for fast time to value.
Find preparation services for:


Find out how different SCM solutions will impact your business, see how they’ll look and feel, and get a jump-start on realizing your goals – with services for developing meaningful demos and prototypes.
Find explore services for:


Realize your supply chain strategy faster. These consulting services apply best practices to help you speed up software implementation, install complex scenarios, and minimize deployment costs and risk.
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Maximize the value of an existing installation by optimizing it according your supply chain goals. These tools and services can help you fill product gaps, simplify your processes, and improve results.
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Get the knowledge, tools, and processes you need to effectively plan your supply chain in a global environment – and ensure your SCM software perfectly meets your planning goals. Our SCM consultants and services can help you:

  • Know your demand situation and generate accurate forecasts
  • React to changing demand in real time – and only hold the stock you really need
  • Offer individualized products and run your production smoothly
  • Deliver immediate order confirmations to customers
Featured Supply Chain Planning Services

SAP HANA Integrated Business Planning rapid-deployment solution

Leverage SAP Best Practices content for SAP Integrated Business Planning to quickly implement an entry scope of the Supply Chain Control Tower and of the planning processes sales and operations planning, supply planning, demand planning, demand sensing and inventory optimization.

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Inventory Optimization Services (ERP, SAP S/4HANA and APO based add-ons)

Improve inventory turnover and drastically reduce storage costs – with inventory optimization services and consulting from SAP. Our experts can help you develop a successful inventory strategy, establish highly effective inventory planning and control, and fine-tune supply chain processes. Take full advantage of SAP software, and use add-on tools from SAP Consulting to optimize inventory management without jeopardizing service.

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SAP Model Company

Accelerate and safeguard your digital evolution by lowering the cost and effort of every software implementation and realizing time to value quickly. The Digital Business Services organization at SAP offers the SAP Model Company service to enable swift adoption of digital technology with less risk and optimal total cost of ownership while maximizing performance.

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Supply Chain Planning Products

Explore some of SAP’s most popular products for supply chain planning. Our services can help you choose the right ones, implement them quickly, optimize functionality, and more.

SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP)

SAP Integrated Business Planning offers capabilities for advanced planning, exception handling, and analysis across your entire supply and demand network. Run live, in-the-moment planning with the real-time SAP HANA in-memory platform – and go live quickly with SAP Cloud.

Find services for SAP Integrated Business Planning


Drive instant value across your supply chain operations with SAP S/4HANA, a next-generation ERP suite built on our advanced in-memory platform. It provides a personalized user experience based on modern design principles – and can be deployed on premise or in the cloud for maximum flexiblity.

Find services for SAP S/4HANA

SAP Advanced Planning and Optimization (APO)

SAP APO provides integrated tools for planning and executing your supply chain processes. Support business collaboration on a strategic, tactical, and operational planning level. Facilitate cooperation between partners at all stages of the supply chain process. And evaluate and constantly optimize the efficiency of your supply chain network.

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SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (SAP ERP) is a proven, trusted foundation – built to support companies of all sizes across all industries. Leverage role-based access to critical data, applications, and analytical tools – and streamline processes for procurement, manufacturing, service, sales, finance, and HR.

Find services for SAP ERP

SAP Demand Signal Management (DSiM)

Become a truly demand-driven organization with demand signal management software powered by SAP HANA. Capture external market and retailer data in real time – and combine it with internal business data and advanced analytics to sense, assess, and respond to demand signals faster than ever before.

Find services for SAP Demand Signal Management


Use our supply chain execution services to optimize your freight, shipping, and warehouse management operations. Receive expert input from SAP consultants, customize your SCM solutions – and get the visibility you need to improve logistics and order fulfillment decisions. These services can also help you:   

  • Align distribution and fulfillment processes to improve speed, efficiency, and sustainability
  • Track the progress of deliveries from manufacturers, freight forwarders, carriers, and retailers to customers
  • Collaborate with logistics partners to optimize transportation fulfillment and meet regulations  
Featured Supply Chain Execution Services

Business Assessment for Supply Chain Management

With this service, SAP consultants assess your SCM processes and supporting IT applications to see how well they can address industry trends – such as increasing product variety, shorter product lifecycles, and fragmentation of the supply chain. They define target SCM processes for your business and develop a road map for your transformation project.

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Business Assessment Service for SAP Extended Warehouse Management

Let our consultants assess the impact of SAP Enterprise Warehouse Management (SAP EWM) on your business before deployment. This service looks at both quantitative and qualitative benefits, provides a fast but comprehensive business assessment, assists with the implementation of project schedules, and more.

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Efficiency Analysis for SAP Supply Chain Execution

This analysis service is designed to help you decide whether an investment in one of our supply chain execution solutions – such as SAP EWM, SAP Yard Logistics, or SAP Transportation Resource Planning – is economically efficient. The analysis provides you with a simulation model for up to 5 legacy and SAP investment scenarios.

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SAP Model Company for Logistics Excecution

Fast-track prototyping, preparation, and exploration activities for your logistics execution software. SAP Model Company combines the latest SAP applications with best practices in a state-of-the-art reference landscape – so you can accelerate time to value and ensure a successful project outcome.

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SAP Extended Warehouse Management rapid-deployment solution

Take advantage of implementation best practices, accelerated blueprinting, and a cost-effective, lean methodology to efficiently roll-out your core warehouse management processes. Additional EWM processes and functionality may also be available.

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SAP Extended Warehouse Management for Retail rapid-deployment solution

Efficiently launch core warehouse management processes tailored to the retail industry. This service package includes best practices and supports an accelerated blueprint approach for evaulating processes. Additional EWM processes and functionality may also be available.

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SAP Ocean Carrier Booking for Shippers rapid-deployment solution

This service supports the rapid deployment of a solution that helps you efficiently monitor and manage ocean shipments and communicate with carriers and shipping agents. Go live within a predefined timeframe and at a fixed cost.  

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SAP Truck Transportation for Shippers rapid-deployment solution

Rapidly deploy SAP Truck Transportation for Shippers to manage the entire transportation process through the SAP ERP application. Starting with a kick-off workshop, this service integrates processes to leverage order consolidation and multimodal opportunities.

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Deployment of Add-Ons for SAP Extended Warehouse Management

Deploy an enhanced version of SAP Enterprise Warehouse Management – fast. This rapid-deployment solution includes predefined add-on services designed to address specific requirements not supported in the standard version.

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SAP Order Tracking and Exception Management rapid-deployment solution

Ensure a fast, low-cost and low-risk implementation of SAP Order Tracking and Exception Management for small and midsize manufacturing companies. This service lets you quickly enhance order-to-cash processes with a predesigned solution that can be customized.

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Services for Supply Chain Execution Products

Learn about some of SAP’s products for supply chain execution. Our services can help you choose the right ones, implement them quickly, optimize functionality, and more.

SAP Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM)

Integrate your warehouses and distribution processes with supply chain logistics – using SAP EWM. This software can help you optimize inventory tracking, cross-docking, distribution operations, multi-channel fulfilment, and more, all in real time. Improve quality, safety, and automation – and gain the ultimate in visibility and control.

Find services for SAP EWM

SAP Transportation Management (SAP TM)

Consolidate orders and maximize the return on your transportation spend – with SAP TM. Accurately forecast demand and shipment volumes, enhance freight, fleet, and logistics management – and gain real-time visibility into global and domestic shipping across all transportation modes and industries.

Find services for SAP TM

SAP ERP / Warehouse Management (WM)

Manage supply chain processes, inventories, assets, and partners by exception – with event management functionality in SAP ERP and SAP Warehouse Management. These solutions let you recognize and react to unplanned events in the supply chain, use a single point of access for collaborative processes, and measure business partners' performance.

Find services for SAP ERP and SAP Warehouse Management


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