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Cloud Services

Drive fundamental change with speed and stability. Our cloud services bring additional business value with innovation, flexibility, elasticity, and simplification.

Fuel multichannel engagement with configurable APIs

Connect the last mile between enterprises, SAP solutions, other applications, customers, employees, and things with the SAP Digital Interconnect team.

Change the way you communicate and do business

Our configurable APIs provide access to programmable digital interfaces and proven messaging channels that can help you simplify and optimize connectivity, reduce network costs, and monetize the IoT and messaging services. With SAP Digital Interconnect, you can trust a digital communications network that processes over 1 billion messages daily.

Services for Enterprises

Interconnect your global ecosystem of organizations, people, and things intelligently to deliver meaningful, multichannel, and digital engagements.

SAP Contact Center 365

Give agents in the office, field, and worldwide a single powerful resource for all service-related tasks, with everything they need embedded in their business applications.

SAP Email 365

Improve customer engagement and conversion by sending marketing and transactional messages with the unified API of the SAP E-Mail 365 mobile service.

SAP Live Link 365

Provide developers with easy-to-consume API services for e-mail, SMS, and two-factor authentication.

SAP People Connect 365

Maintain business productivity, while improving personal welfare, during planned and unplanned outages and disruptions.

SAP SMS 365, enterprise service

Engage a messaging channel with extensive reach, quality, and scalability to access enterprise-grade SMPP and HTTPS APIs.

SAP Social Channels 365

Unify communications by orchestrating message routing to improve reach, satisfaction, and conversion.

Services for Developers

Keep your developers engaged with a mobile messaging service that helps them remain competitive in an increasingly sophisticated digital economy.

SAP Live Link 365

Support developers with easy-to-consume API services for e-mail, SMS, and two-factor authentication.

Services for Mobile Network Operators

Break through messaging, interoperability, and roaming challenges by capitalizing on the IoT and open access to multiple interconnection channels.


Provide dedicated and secure access, reach, and connectivity to the global SMS ecosystem while meeting your local business requirements.


Support global and scalable voice interconnecting, roaming, and signaling services on a secure and private Internet protocol (IP) infrastructure.

SAP Messaging Proxy 365

Ensure accurate delivery and fast payment by separating and sending application-to-person and person-to-person streams to the appropriate platform. 

See how customers are succeeding with SAP

Over 1,000 direct mobile operator connections

See how SmartMed Technologies is enabling application-to-person SMS notifications to engage customers with personalized messages.

4 weeks saved in app development

Learn how Netmore Group is addressing customer needs, unmet by public mobile networks, with full-scale messaging and IoT services.

Get the latest news and trends from experts

Susan Galer
Communications Director

Saving a woman’s life with one text message

Explore how two-way mobile communication with midwives helps WARIF close the healthcare gap to address gender-based violence against young girls and women.

Arti Yadav
Director and Global Head of Marketing for SAP Digital Interconnect

What does multichannel engagement mean for marketers

The boundaries within which the role of marketing operates have expanded and now includes being a data scientist, technologist, and business driver — not just enabler. 

William Dudley
Mobile Evangelist

Mobile industry predictions for 2019

2019 is already off to an interesting start. The mobile industry is always dynamic and changing. Here are William Dudley's predictions for what to expect this year.

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Chat met mij Chat offline
Chat met een medewerker van SAP voor live hulp.
Commentaar, vragen of feedback? Stuur ons een e-mail.
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