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Tackle supply chain disruptions with one view for everyone

Solving purchase and sales order problems

Consolidate systems, increase visibility, and reduce duplicate work with a unified view of purchase and sales orders accessible to all relevant teams.

Reduce purchase and sales order processing delays

  • Enable procurement, customer service and engineering experts to collectively handle delays and escalations
  • Improve on-time delivery and better customer experience through greater transparency on urgent or expedited delivery requests
  • Increase efficiency and eliminate duplicate work with instant and direct communication 
  • Improve product availability, on-time delivery and revenue

Why SAP Business Technology Platform + SAP S/4HANA Cloud


The semantic data models on SAP HANA Cloud make the solution SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) data agnostic allowing for seamless integration with SAP ERP Central Component (ECC) now and SAP S/4HANA in the future. Allowing access of all your data from anywhere.

SAP Integration Suite 

Integrates the solution directly with data from backend solutions, connecting applications, processes, people, devices, and simplifying process integration. Leveraging services, such as, SAPUI5 and SAP Fiori design framework to provide a simplified user experience enabling users to manage escalations quicker and more effectively.


The teams will not have to work in multiple disjointed systems and unsynchronized tools anymore and will be able to have real time visibility across teams. This allows for instant communication and direct feedback between stakeholders improving process efficiency and eliminating the duplication of work.

Value driven results

Due to disrupted supply chains, many companies had to optimize and streamline their purchase and sales order management. See how US electrical distributor, Border States Industries Inc will benefit from SAP S/4HANA and custom innovation built on SAP BTP.



saved annually by customer service representatives (CSR) and buyer roles.



improvement across material availability, on-time delivery, customer experience and revenues


collaboration and speed of information, resulting in an improved customer service

This tool allows us to escalate and collaborate on orders to find alternatives and work with customers and suppliers to prevent impacts. It will enable us to better manage and communicate as challenges

Lex Silbernagel
Vice President Alliances. Border States Industries Inc.

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