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Cloud Data Lake

Cloud Data Lake

Manage storage for low volatility data with a cloud data lake that integrates across data tiers.

Petabyte scale data lake with SAP HANA Cloud

A data lake is a repository for all types of data. From this repository, data can be examined, accessed, and used to make data-driven decisions. Deploying a cloud data lake helps your organization lower costs, improve performance, and gain easier access to large scale, low cost data that generates insights. The cloud data lake operates on object stores and files and provides relational capabilities. Store at a lower cost, but still analyze with excellent performance—all with security, including encryption of data at rest and data in-motion, an audit log to track and trace access, and role-based action controls.

Why build a cloud data lake?

Store petabyte scale data while managing costs

Capacity with cost efficiency

Start small and grow your data lake to petabytes in size, with elastic scale.

Integrate multi-temperature data

Seamlessly move data between hot, warm, and cold.

Eliminate data swamps

Provide a single, integrated data lake for your lines of business and individual use cases without moving data for data science uses.

Build data science applications

Fuel your data science applications with large amounts of data and models.

Common Cloud Data Lake Challenges

Migration of storage and compute power into cloud data lakes challenge businesses


Migrating data to the cloud can be complex, time consuming, and repetitive.

Data management

Without keeping track of what is in your data lake, the lack of cleanliness and quality can result in a data swamp.

Storage costs

Costs can expand over time as more and more data is uploaded into cloud data lakes

Self-service analytics

Integration into augmented analytics solutions, while exposing data in the cloud data lake can be challenging

Extend on-premises investments to the cloud

Connect databases and leverage existing skills

Businesses can set a cloud future for their on-premises products with these new cloud data lake capabilities. Connect your on-premises SAP HANA solution, as well as other non-SAPsolutions. Re-use existing SAP HANA, SAP IQ, and SAP ASE skills in SAP HANA Cloud. 

Learn more about data lakes


If you still have additional questions, such as:

  • What is a data lake? 
  • How are they architected? 
  • What are the most common use cases? 

Read our insights article to learn more.

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