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Monitor die een screenshot van SAP data intelligence markeert

Zet datachaos om in meerwaarde met data intelligence

Bouw een solide basis voor uw architectuur voor gegevensstructuur om al uw bedrijfsdata-assets te verbinden, te ontdekken, te profileren, voor te bereiden en te orkestreer ze in bruikbare bedrijfsinzichten.

Upcoming Events for SAP Data Intelligence Cloud

Learn about the upcoming events for SAP Data Intelligence Cloud. You can browse all upcoming and on-demand webinars, virtual events, and conferences by category, type, or region.

SAP TechEd: A fresh, new virtual and in-person event experience

Registration is now open for our premiere technology event:

  • Main event: SAP TechEd, a reenvisioned virtual experience
    November 15–16: Free
  • Also available: SAP TechEd Hands-on Lab, a learning and networking opportunity in Las Vegas, Nevada                                        
    November 15–16: Available as an additional offering (registration fee applies)

SAP Data Intelligence Cloud Events

Browse all upcoming and on-demand Webinars, virtual events, and podcasts. 

Let's Talk Data

Join the successful Let’s Talk Data podcast series for interesting discussions on all things data with over 10,000+ listens. Check out our new episodes or catch up on ones you may have missed. 

SAP Data and Analytics Virtual Forum

Join thought leaders, business professionals and industry experts from data and analytics fields discussing how to power data-driven enterprises and give data purpose.

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