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Expand business innovation in the automotive​ industry

Get on the road to a new world of mobility​

The automotive industry is racing toward a new world that's driven by sustainability and changing consumer behavior, encompassing electric vehicles, connected cars, mobility fleet sharing, onboard sensors, new business models, and always-on connectedness

You can derive incremental value from your RISE with SAP solution by expanding business innovation with:

  • SAP Product Lifecycle Costing
    ​Improve profits by managing costs accurately in the early design phase.
  • ​​SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud
    ​Boost manufacturing performance with integrated cloud MES and analytics.
  • SAP Digital Vehicle Hub​
    Leverage a common central vehicle repository to support new business models in the mobility as a service space.
  • ​​​SAP Returnable Packaging Management​
    Manage the inventory and logistics of returnable packaging in the supply chain​.
  • SAP Self-Billing Cockpit
    ​Streamline and automate your self-billing processes.
  • ​​SAP Supplier Problem-Solving
    ​Participate in problem-solving processes in collaboration with external suppliers​.

Drive more business value

Achieve process agility, reduce business and technology risk, ensure customer satisfaction, realize predictable and new revenue streams, and embrace sustainable best practices

  • Increase revenue through more upsell and cross-sell opportunities by delivering new mobility solutions and revenue streams, such as vehicle data as a basis for value-added services​.

  • Reduce costs with more intelligent and automated end-to-end processes that are integrated to support and validate real-time visibility of orders and deliveries across manufacturing, sales, and support​.

  • Optimize environmental impact by designing and manufacturing vehicles and services that can help you run a more resilient and circular value chain through automation and intelligence​.

See how our customers are driving business innovation in the automotive industry

60% reduction in maintenance and operating costs

Learn how Grupo Segura is better connecting its locations to adapt quickly to new market requirements.

20% improvement in financial efficiency

Find out how Volkswagen Sachsen GmbH created a solid digital foundation for a new global finance system and is making e-mobility affordable for everyone.

Improve sustainability with the move to electric cars

Discover insights on what the future of electric will look like from the Mercedes-Benz Formula EQ E Team in an interview on accelerating sustainability with Baratunde Thurston.


Driving business innovation together

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