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SAP Process Mining by Celonis

Analyze business process performance with SAP Process Mining by Celonis

Ensure that your key business processes are running at maximum efficiency and conforming to their intended design. Assess process execution using data-based process discovery. Intuitive visualizations of as-is processes and extensive drill down capabilities enable 100% transparency how processes were executed and where they need improvement.

Why SAP Process Mining by Celonis?

Because SAP Process Mining helps business process owners and business analysts visualize and assess operative processes running within SAP and third-party solutions. Data-based process discovery, intuitive visual representations, and extensive drill-down capabilities allow new levels of insight so you can explore and analyze business process performance and identify opportunities for process optimization.

With SAP Process Mining you can:

  • Gain complete transparency into how processes are executed
  • Increase process efficiency by identifying process deviations and weaknesses
  • Improve compliance by detecting non-compliant processes 
  • Drive profitability, thanks to optimized business operations

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Learn how SAP Process Mining can simplify the lives of business users and IT staff:

Functional Capabilities

Assess business process execution using data-based process discovery

  • Extract, reconstruct, and visualize process-related data in SAP and third-party applications
  • Leverage Big Data analytics capabilities of SAP HANA to analyze large volumes of event logs and reconstruct all process variants
  • Enable complete, data-based transparency into how processes are executed

Visualize as-is processes and intuitively discover variants

  • Generate intuitive, graphical visual representations of your enterprise business processes
  • Enable intuitive exploration of all process variants by automatically identifying and grouping cases that follow the same execution path into variants
  • Annotate diagrams and charts with key performance indicators for easy analysis

Explore and analyze business process performance

  • Gain holistic, end-to-end transparency into as-is processes
  • Drill down on specific process steps or single process instances for root cause analysis
  • Derive insights into process performance based on objective facts

Enable data-based continuous process improvement

  • Discover inefficiencies, process deviations, or errors that bloat the process, increase cycle times, or impact operational costs
  • Identify compliance issues such as missing approval steps and unjustified price changes
  • Pinpoint manual process steps that would benefit from digitalization or automation
  • Perform benchmarking and conformance monitoring to identify differences from the designed process
  • Highlight best practices that should be standardized across business units


Licensing and purchasing options for SAP Process Mining

The modular structure of SAP Process Mining allows you to license and pay for only the number of processes that you require at any given time. Start with the packages and licenses your organization needs right now and add more processes as your needs evolve. This product is deployed on premise and requires a perpetual license.

Please contact your local SAP account executive for additional licensing and purchasing options.


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