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Product Implementation

Ensure a successful implementation and maximize your ROI by using resources that support various phases – from planning and installation to operation.

Optimize your operations

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Automate analytics use cases

Enable and manage all aspects of your modeling workflows, from the modeling concepts to data preparation and end-to-end scenarios.

Prepare your data

Get the information you need to maximize data management with the latest functionalities and scenarios in SAP Predictive Analytics.

Connect to your database management system

Get familiar with the requirements and procedures for leveraging the database that supports SAP Predictive Analytics.

Develop predictive analytics models

Empower developers to create and use predictive models by writing scripts, accessing data, and integrating with business processes.

Get support for your implementation

Upgrade your product

Deliver outcome-based value to your business and customers continuously. Evolve your business with the latest features of SAP Predictive Analytics.
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