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Drive insight-fueled selling with POS retail analytics from SAP

Empower your executives, category managers, and promotion teams with deep sales insight from point of sales (POS) data – using powerful retail analytics from SAP. Work with our experts to define a winning strategy, perform advanced analytics to gain new insights, and use those insights to improve promotions, product mix, and profits.

  • Improve your bottom line with actionable sales insight from POS and loyalty data
  • Gain a better understanding of how to optimize promotions to improve sales
  • Fine-tune product assortment and provide the right offer to customers – every time
  • Analyze the root cause of sales performance changes for products, departments, or stores
  • Get up and running quickly with services for implementation, user training, and change management

Is Data Science Driving Retail Success?

Discover how harnessing data science and advanced analytics in retail can help you successfully launch new products, predict customer behavior – and increase revenue and profit. The secret to your retail success? Unlocking the full potential of your Big Data.
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